Powermate PM0146500 6500-watt Generator with Electric Start – Reliable Power


It doesn’t matter if you’re a party animal, outdoors type of guy or a contractor, sometimes you need reliable power.  Power you can trust and rely on to either power your tools, your camper or your bands lighting.  There are many generators on the market, but one name that keeps coming up is Powermate, which we have become to rely on and like.  If you are looking for an alternative source generator take a look at the propane Powermate we reviewed.

The PM0146500 provides 6,500 watts and a peak of 8,125 watts, making this perfect to run your job site.  The 7 gallon gas tank lets you run up to 9.7 hours at a 50% load.  Now when we say portable, this isn’t a unit you can just pick up and carry around as it weighs 204 lbs.  The big run flat wheels and foldable handles do make it easy to move from location to location, but you will need another guy to get it on the back of your truck to move to different job sites.

It has pro features like a fuel gauge and a fuel shut off valve.  The valve is a must, you can shut the unit down using it.  That makes sure there is no fuel left in the carburetor to go bad. The unit will always be ready for the next start.  The air filter is easily accessible also. It also has a multi function display that displays hours, maintenance and frequency.  The front panel has circuit breakers for 2 120V 5-20R Duplex plugs and a 120-240V L14-30R plug.  They are covered to keep dirt and moisture out.  The motor is a 420cc Powermate motor that starts easily and purrs like a kitten.  It even comes with a battery and electric start via a key. Bottom line, this generator has a lot to offer and a is a great buy.

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Check out Powermate via Powermate.com



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