Looks like Europe is getting a Milwaukee M18 Miter saw model number SMS216-0.  Hopefully this means that the US will be getting one soon.  A few years back we saw a DeWALT cordless miter saw prototype in a DeWALT released video. Quite frankly I am curious as to why it never made it .

The Milwaukee has a 48°/-2° bevel capacity.  Milwaukee isn’t really known for their Miter  saws but this could be where they start to make a name for themselves in that segment.  The saw will arrive in the UK in September.  Until then droll over the pictures or check out the source: Power Tools GB

Max cutting capacity:

  • 45° Mitre/45° bevel – 190 x 48
  • 45° Mitre/90° bevel – 190 x 60
  • 90° Mitre/45° bevel – 270 x 48
  • 90° Mitre/90° bevel – 270 x 60