Fein invented the oscillating tool, it is a German engineered marvel.  Like most German companies they have always built a quality tool.  Once their patent expired other brands instantly jumped on the band wagon giving Fein some competition.  The next generation FEIN MultiMaster 350 Q has 35% more power, 70% less vibration and is 50% quieter according to Fein.

In our tests we could tell right away that the all vibrations have almost disappeared.  they did a real good job of omitting the vibrations.  The speed selector is now easier to operate as it is a traditional style thumb wheel vs the old rotating knob on last generations 250 Q.  The 350 Q puts out 350W of power.  Quite an improvement over its 250W predecessor. The tool felt good in my hands, I didn’t find it bulky or uncomfortable at all.  The tool feels quality, you can feel it just buy holding it, after you use it you are sold.  The tool weighs 2.8lbs and produces 11,000 – 20,000 oscillations per minute in a 3.2 degree arc.

I was kind of hoping for an easier accessory change than the latch and pin system.  You flip the top latch and pull the pin from the bottom.  This is a tried and tested system to hold on to the accessories but the pin can fall and get lost easily. Hey, at-least it is tool free.  Less steps and parts is always better.  The tool has an extra long 16′ AC cord which is a plus but no LED head light.   The kit comes in different variants depending on your budget.  This starter system came with a multi saw blade, scraper and 5 sanding accessories.  The starter kit is the most affordable choice.  If you want one of the best multi tools on the market take a look at the FEIN MultiMaster 350 Q.  Check it out on Amazon.