Looking for some great Hex keys and a nice way to display them.  Well we may have just found the right set.  We got busted for our last tool awards because we didn’t have Klein as the hand tool of choice.  Well Dan and myself learned the hard way by all the emails we received.  You know what?  You were right.  Klein was worthy of taking top spot and checking out these Hex sets, it’s easy to see why.

As you know we recently visited Klein down in TX.  We had a chance first hand why Klein may make some of the best electrician hand tools.  The process they use and the quality control that goes into each and every hand tool is amazing.  Don’t believe me.  Just talk with any electrician and I am sure they will tell you why Klein is the top.  As with the Journeyman, these are quality, they feel comfortable and now they will last.  Need a hex set, check these out.

 What we Like

  • Quality
  • Made in the USA
  • They feel great in your hand

What We Don’t Like

  • We don’t have enough

What they offer

  • T-Handle Ball-End Hex-Keys – Inch
  • T-Handle Ball-End Hex-Keys – Metric
  • T-Handle Hex-Keys – Inch
  • T-Handle Hex-Keys – Metric
  • T-Handle Hex-Keys – TORX

buyamazon1Klein Journeyman Hex Key Set