Dan and I recently took a road trip up to Milwaukee to see some of their new tools coming out this year.  Besides having to deal with Dan, I have to say the trip was fun.  We had a chance to see some pretty cool new tools and other gadgets, plus get some hands on.  One thing that really surprised me was how many new tools they will be releasing this year.  Now they are coming out with tons of new tools, so I can’t possibly cover them all, so for now I am only going to cover a few of them.  As time goes on, we will keep you updated with more of the new releases.

If you have any questions whether Milwaukee has a lot of tools in their line up, just take a look at this picture below.  I am sure no one will argue, but I had to find some way to show off this line huge line of tools.

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Milwaukee LED Lights

Lights are great, but when they are LED lights, well that’s just awesome.  Milwaukee is introducing two new LED lights, an M18 and M12 lights.  Both lights are very bright, brighter than you would expect.  The M18 (2361-20) has 1100 Lumens with a runtime of 3 hours on high and 6 hours on low.  What’s really cool is all the different ways a user can position the light to light up an area.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw

Yes you heard that right, an 18V brushless circular saw.  I always thought the Milwaukee 18V circular saw (2730-22) was one of the best on the market, but it just got better with a brushless motor and 4.0 A/h battery.  Cutting through LVL or more is a snap.  They didn’t stop there.  They also introduced a more rugged shoe and a nice little dust blower in the front to help you see your line as you cut.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall

The company who invented the reciprocating saw just took this one step further with the introduction of a brushless Sawzall (2720-22).  Not only is it more powerful than their older version, but now it has an adjustable shoe.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Grinder

Yes another brushless tool, the M18 grinder (2780-22).  More ergonomic and powerful.  Well check out the video below and see for yourself.

Launch Date: October 2013



Milwaukee M18 Multi Tool

I know we have had a lot of people ask about a M18 Multi tool (2626-22) and if Milwaukee would ever come out with one.  Well guess what, they did or I should say they will.  Variable speed and tool-less blade change, plus they have two accessories you can buy such as a depth gauge and dust collection.

Launch Date: November 2013




Milwaukee M12 Heated Line

If you own a M12 heated jacket, you know how valuable these jackets are on a cold day.  Well now you can get heated hoodies or heated hand warmers.

Launch Date: August 2013




Milwaukee M12 Fuel Rotary Hammer

We tested the brushed version of this tool, but can’t wait to get our hands on this one.  This is part of their Fuel line which means this bad boy is brushless (2416-22XC).  This is one of my favorite tools in the M12 line up.  In fact, we are even giving one away in our Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.

Launch Date: They are out, you should know that




Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Wrenches

These are some bad boys and are designed for the serious user.  Looking for a powerful impact wrench?  These will suit your needs, trust me.

Launch Date: October 2013




Milwaukee Hand Tools

Holy cow, where do I start?  Knives, Knives and more knives, plus screwdrivers, nut drivers and more.  It’s madness.

Launch Date: Depends which tool you want.



Milwaukee Accessories

Drywall, utility blades, bottle openers, markers (which we tested on Dan’s forehead, but we don’t recommend it for this use.), tape measures and more.  Where does it stop?  Well I guess for Milwaukee it doesn’t.  If there is a need, Milwaukee will be there.


This will allow the user to write and mark even on dusty areas, block or concrete, plus a stylus on the end for your tablet.

This will allow the user to write and mark even on dusty areas, block or concrete, plus a stylus on the end for your tablet.



In the end this is only a small sample of what Milwaukee will be releasing in 2013.  There was a lot more, but we had to leave early after Dan tried to steal this thing below.  We were stopped and politely asked to leave.  Stay tuned for more and cool stuff from Milwaukee tools.