Irwin StrippersUnless you’re Edward Scissorhands, stripping wires sucks.  Using your teeth, or side cutters always ends up with poor quality results.  Thank god for the automatic wire stripper!  It takes this tedious task and gives you almost perfect professional results every time.  You simply insert the wire into the tool and squeeze.  Most wire strippers have groove cutters so if you have a 10 AWG wire you would need to put that in the corresponding 10 AWG groove.  This is nice, but it also slows down the process a bit making repetitive work take a little longer.  This is where automatic wire strippers come in.


irwun strippers 2

IRWIN now offers a Self Adjusting Wire Stripper.  Basically it does away with the grooves, just insert any 10-24 AWG wire and squeeze.  It adjusts to the gauge automatically.  You can dial the tension nut to get a perfectly stripped wire every time.  We found it to be precise, even on thin wire.  Dialed down it easily stripped the sheath off of a cat 5 cable.   It  allows you to strip back cable sheathing when you need to make a tap in the wire.

irwin strippers 4

The tool feels ergonomic and the grips are very comfortable with or without gloves on.  For more control it has a plastic depth gauge that you can set to adjust your stripped length.  You can also twist it down and out of the way so you can tap or strip longer sheathing.  The crimping and cutting feature make a nice all around tool to have in your work bag.  IRWIN covers this tool with a lifetime warranty.  Overall the IRWIN automatic wire strippers are a great tool and I would recommend them to anyone.