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Milwaukee has been having all the thunder lately with the M12 Fuel brushless line of tools that it is promoting.  Well In typical DeWALT style the next generation of 20V brushless tools appeared nonchalantly on the whats new page over at  It looks like we have a hammer drill, 1/4″ impact and a drill driver which only has 10 UWO more than the existing compact 20V tools.  It is still way too early in the day for me to figure out the UWO + ft. lbs equation.  I can tell you the advantage here is going to be in runtime, 57% more runtime according to DeWALT.  The brushless combined with the new 2.0 Ah will significantly enhance performance.  They also look a little more compact than the existing 20V compact line.



DCD795D2 – 20V XR Brushless Compact Hammerdrill Kit

The DCD795 is .05″ bigger than the Milwaukee M12 Fuel, but is a 20V!  That is some insane power to have in a tight area.  It weighs 3.6 lbs and has a metal 1/2″ chuck.  2 speeds produce 0-600/0-2,000 RPM and up to 36,000 BPM for drilling into masonry.  DeWALT put the LED at the base of the light, while this avoids shadows it gets blocked out in very tight areas where you can only get the head of the drill in.



DCD790D2 – 20V XR Brushless Compact Drill / Driver Kit

The DCD790D2 is identical to the DCD795, but without a hammerdrill feature.



DCF886 – 20V MAX* 1/4″ Impact Driver

They have 2 combo kits available with the new drills that include a DCF886 XR impact.  I am assuming this a new brushless impact.  We will find out more as we get it.  It just so happens that this week we will be in Baltimore visiting with DeWALT, expect some coverage from that.

Check out Dewalts new tools.


  1. I have a few Dewalt tools. I think they make some really great, strong, reliable tools.

    But it’s going to be hard to beat Milwaukee’s brushless drivers. You guys even say they are the best.

  2. I haven’t trusted DeWalt’s specification claims since they started using their UWO BS and stopped providing any torque ratings, except on their impact tools. On non-US sites they still provide torque ratings, but they don’t provide UWO – they provide watts instead, the the numerical values aren’t the same, so you just jump to the conclusion that the torque ratings are the same.

    They CAN (and I’ll bet they do) measure the maximum torque provided by their tools, but the fact that they refuse to publish the information is very suspect. If the numbers showed them being competitive when it comes to torque, don’t you think they would publish those ratings?

    Note: I’m not saying that their UWO ratings are meaningless, but when potential customers are trying to compare tools from DeWalt and other manufacturers, their UWO ratings are useless.

  3. Ok really? I checked your website yesterday morning (4-13) and nothing really new on tools. I’ve been wanting to get the 3 speed brushless impact for some time now and so I went to Home Depot to get it. Found out they didn’t have it and also seen they had the dcd985l2 the NOW old hammer drill/driver. Bought it, came home pretty excited and just got on your site this morning (4-14) and bam! Guess what, dewalt came out with a new and better hammer drill kit. LOL that’s my life summed up a bit.

  4. I hope this is the beginning of a new line of brushless tools from the 20v max line of dewalt tools. I love them they are great!

  5. that looks awesome, wish i didnt purchase into the m18 line but i got impact and compact hammerdrill m18 and 2 chargers and 2 new 3.0 packs and 2 1.5 packs for only $175


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