Portable tools have come a long way over the years.  Not too long ago when someone said they had a cordless drill, people just laughed.  Then there came a time when the laughter went away and the idea became what else can we make portable.  While a job site table saw still requires a power cord, they have become extremely lighter and more portable over the years.  Which brings us to the Porter Cable Job Site saw.


Manufacturer – Porter Cable

Model – PCB220TS

Average Purchase Price – $299

It’s cool to have a saw you can fold up and take from place to place, but if it doesn’t produce a great final cut, how good is it really.  We decided to run this saw through a couple different test to see if this saw is really worth the $299 price tag.  For starters, this price tag may seem high, but it’s actually on the low end of the price line.  This saw has all the features the more expensive ones have, but you wouldn’t know it with the low price tag.

Now we are not going to bore you with a mountain of stats, you can check them out under our stats tab.  However, we did want to touch on a couple important stats so you can see this is a table saw that does stack up to other saws.  First this saw is powered by a 15 amp motor that turns a 10″ blade 5,000 rpms.   Max rip to the right is 24.5″ and to the left is is 10″.  At a 90 degree you can cut up to 3″ and a 45 degree you can cut 2.5″.  Yes it does take a 1/2″ Dado.  Overall pretty impressive stats for a $299 saw, but what about portability?


The saw is easy to fold and unfold for one person.  To store in a truck or a shop, you can fold the whole saw up so the stand is under the saw and doesn’t protrude.  If you want to wheel the saw around, you can leave the bar out and use it as a handle.  However it really only works for someone under 5′ tall.  A taller person will find themselves bending down when wheeling the saw around.  The wheels could be a little bigger making it roll nicer when moving around, but all in all not too bad.  Everything on the saw has a storage place and stays put when moving the unit around.  Even the blade will full drop below the table to prevent the blade from getting damaged.

OK, the saw has good stats and is pretty portable, but how well does it cut?  Raising the blade is easy, just like every other saw we have used.  Turn the knob in front and raise or lower the blade.  To make a bevel cut, just loosen the lock on the front and turn the knob that is located on the side of the unit.  The degree markings are visible and easy to read.  Our bevel cuts where accurate.  The fence isn’t too bad.  When we locked the front of the fence, it also locks the back of the fence.  A user can adjust how tight it locks in the back.  The included measuring guide below the fence is easy to read, this was also accurate.  On the back of the saw there is a feed support that isn’t too bad, it could be a little longer.  Two very nice and well thought out features are the blade chute and stand arm.  The blade chute helps funnel all the waste material that drops below the saw, out the back of the dust ports.  This is a nice feature as it helps keep the inside of the saw clean.  One of the best features of this saw is the stand.  As you can see by the picture, the back leg is bent out.  This helps stabilize the saw when sliding larger piece of wood through the blade.  This way the saw doesn’t have a tendency to tip over.

One of the biggest down sides to this saw is the blade-guard riving knife.  While it does a great job and doesn’t get in the way, our model was extremely hard to take on and off.   Now we are not sure if it was just our unit or the actual model.  Once we took the guard system of to store it, it was extremely hard to put back on the unit, which means guess what, in a bind we would tend to by pass the safety feature.  A safety feature should be one of the easiest items to use on any tool.  Don’t make it easy for a user to pass on safety features.  Again maybe it was just our unit.

All in all this is a great saw.  For the price of $299, it is hard to beat.  Lots of power and very accurate right out of the box.  If you have a shop or you are a contractor and don’t want to pay the heavy prices of other portable saws, this is a great fit.



    • Motor: 15 Amp
    • Arbor Size: 5/8 “
    • Blade Diameter: 10 “
    • Blade Speed: 5000 RPM
    • Max Rip To Right Of Blade: 24-1/2 “
    • Max Rip To Left Of Blade: 10 “
    • Depth of Cut at 45°: 2-1/2 “
    • Depth of Cut at 90°: 3 “
    • Max Width of Dado: 1/2 “
    • Miter Gauge Groove: 3/4″
    • Chip Exhaust Opening: 2-1/2 “
    • Table Height: 35 “
    • Table Size: 25 x 19-1/2 “
    • Length: 25 “
    • Width: 19.5 “
    • Height: 35 “
    • Weight: 73.76 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 85.46 lbs

Porter Cable Table Saw Includes

  • 40 TCT Saw Blade
  • Miter Gauge
  • Rip Fence
  • Two Blade Wrenches
  • Push Stick
  • Mobile Stand
  • Manual


Tool – 3 Year