The Rockwell JawHorse RK9002 – Bow to the SheetMaster


The JawHorse is the most amazing product ever to come from Rockwell.  In almost every video we make you can see the Jawhorse.  We even gave it an award in 2011 for TIA’s most used tool.  I have often seen it used by other tool manufactures to demo other tools and even seen a few imitations.  But make no mistake, there is only one JawHorse and now it is bigger and better than before.

The first thing you notice is that it is obviously bigger than the original JawHorse.  This is so it can hold a full 4×8′ sheet of plywood.  The simple Fred Flintstone wheel design of the original JawHorse has been replaced with 2 roller blade type wheels.  The wheels feel as though they are on ball bearings and the unit is a breeze to tote around.  The unit folds more easily due to a new leg lock latch and locks together better than the original.

You can clamp up to 600lbs anywhere from 0 in. to 49 in. with up to 1 ton of clamping force.  The foot pedal allows your hands to be free so you can position your work while you clamp.  Each step gives you 1″ of clamping.  3 legs provide rock solid capability on uneven ground and are rubber padded for flat floors.  You will instantly fall in love with this tool, it is easy to operate and invaluable the workshop.  Check out Rockwell.




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