Long needle nose pliers are usually used in tight compact spaces, but they have one major flaw, You need space for the handles to spread to open the jaws. The GearWrench Double-X Pliers use a compound joint to remain as narrow as possible.  I must say it really works.  I dropped a nut into a tight area and was able to retrieve it with the pliers where standard long nose pliers wouldn’t stand a chance.  The grips of the pliers are double dipped which make them comfortable to hold.

The hemostats have a higher quality feel than the pliers.  They grip and lock like an alligator and take some moderate pressure to release.  Like the pliers, they also have the double X compound joint making them perfect for tight situations.  GearWrench provides a lifetime warranty for its hand tool line up and I have always had good luck with their tools.  Check out GearWrench