This power tool review is for the Milwaukee V28 Batteries.  These batteries are part of the Milwaukee combo kit 0928-29.  If you are looking for just the V28 battery, the model cat no is 48-11-2830.

Milwaukee V28 is a Lithium Ion battery. These have the new battery technology that has been introduced in recent years for a variety of uses.  You can read more about the Lithium battery on our battery page.  Most people look at a battery and see a battery, but when you buy a cordless power tool kit, a battery is an important factor.  Besides just comparing one volt to another volt, even though that should be the major factor, you also want to look at the battery closer and that’s what we did with the Milwaukee V28 battery.

The first item we noticed was the weight, very light as with all Lithium batteries.  The weight of this battery is 2.43lbs, compared to the Craftsman 19.2V, which weighted 2.01lbs.  So you are getting more power and a longer run time for only a little more added weight.  We expected this, so not surprising, but it is a big factor and plus for Lithium batteries.

When looking at and using the Milwaukee V28 battery, there were three key items that caught our eye that made this a great battery.  Besides the run time, durability, and power, we also found:

  1. The Fuel Gauge – On the front of the battery their is a panel that has four lights.  When you press a button, the lights will light up to show how much power is left on this battery before it needs to be charged.  Four lights and its fully charged, no lights and you need a charge.  Ever since the V28 came out, we have seen some people ridacule this light feature. They state they just use the battery till it needs a charge.  Its just another thing to break. We beg to differ!  We love this feature.  Granted, we don’t check the satus while using the drill or saw, but this is a very handy feature for a couple reasons.  At night before you go home, some of us tend to throw the tools in a pile until the next day or we throw the batteries in a bag and worry about it the next day.  How many times have you seen two batteries sitting next to each other.  You know one needs a charge and the other doesn’t.  Well we always use the wrong one.  We get on the roof and realize that after a couple uses, we grabbed the wrong battery.  With the fuel gauge, you can now just check and make sure you grabbed the right battery.  So this is a feature we love because it saves time and aggravation on the site.
  2. Milwaukee has a non slip pad on the bottom of the battery.  This is a nice feature for a couple different reasons.  First, it will help protect your work when you set your battery down on a nice piece of wood.  In addition, it will also help keep your tool in place when you set it down.  A hard plastic bottom on a battery tends to let it slip and fall.
  3. We also like how the battery clips into the tools.  The way they have the battery attached ensures the battery stays in place during a fall or drop.  Most professional power tools have some sort of good attachment like this, but it is always nice to see that a manufacturer didn’t over look this.  Once you lock the battery into the tool, you will know it is staying in place.  Some tools have a flimsy way to attach the battery to the tool and these tend to break over time either through use or a fall.  With the Milwaukee V28 battery you won’t have to worry about this.  Another great feature of the battery is when using the Milwaukee V28 Drill, the battery can be locked either way.  This way if you have to get into a tight spot, you can turn the battery around and have it on the back side of the drill.

For our actual battery test we left the battery in the Freezer over night.  Now we wouldn’t recommend this because it can ruin a battery and these batteries tend to be expensive.  We did this to simulate leaving your batteries in your truck over night.  Normally with Lithium Ion batteries, they will not work until they are warm, it is just the way the Lithium batteires work.  The next day we took the battery out of the freezer and let it warm up for about 5 minutes at room tempature.  After 5 minutes the drill ran, but you could tell the battery was still cold and didn’t have full power.  After about 10 mintues in room tempeture, the drill worked perfect.  As you can see by the video we could drive a screw through a solid piece of oak with no problems.

Over all, this is a great battery in terms of design and use.  We are going to continue to monitor the long term use of the battery to see if it continues to withstand hard work outs.  We gave this to a local home builder who will be using it every day until the battery doesn’t hold a charge.  We told him to make sure he leaves the batteires exposed to the outside temperature every night so we can get a good reading.  Considering we are in the Midwest, it will get exposed to the cold and humidity on a regular basis.  We will continue to update this review with the information we receive.  As for now we give this battery our highest rating of 5 blades.



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