Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Charger Review



This is the power tool review for the Milwaukee battery charger.  The charger came in the V28 Combo kit model number 0928-29.   The charger model number for just the charger is 48-59-2818.  The over all dimensions of this charger are 5.75″W x 7.75″ L x 3.25″ T.  We didn’t time the charger, but Milwaukee states this universal charger will charge Lithium batteries in less than an hour and NiCad in less than 40 minutes.

We know it’s just a charger, but when Milwaukee built this charger they really did put thought and effort into this design and thought of everything we would want.  First and probably the most important is this charger will also work on your older tools.  While most manufacturers inlcude a charger designed only for the combo kit your bought, the Milwaukee charger will not only charge the V28 LIthium Batteries, but also their 18 Lithium line and their 18V Nicad line.  This will help free up some room on your work bench, which always helps.  Speaking of freeing up some room, Milwaukee also designed this charger so the batteries will lie in the charger on an angle instead of stright up and down.  This means you can hang this charger on the wall to make more room on your work bench.  Milwaukee even thought of this and on the back they have slots that will allow this charger to hang on two screws.  Yes, Milwaukee even lets you know that the screws need to be 3-3/4″ apart, or for you metric lovers 95mm.

Another great feature of this universal charger is the pass through plug.  We all know how valuable outlet space is in your work shop or on the job site.  Milwaukee designed the pass through plug with this in mind.  You can plug in the two prong plug into your outlet and on the back of the plug, you can plug in another two pring plug, which means you don’t loose sockets when charging your batteries.  Now you can charge your phone or other low amp items.  In the review pictures, you can get a better look of how the pass through plug works.

When Milwaukee designed this universal plug, they really did think of everything.  They thought of giving the user more space and not taking up an outlet.  Overall we give this our highest rating of 5 blades.


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  1. Wow this is cool. I like the video you guys put together. I have never seen a review of just a charger. After reading this and seeing all the different aspects that go into a charger, this is a great review. I would have never though of freeing up space on the work bench and hanging the charger on the wall. Again thanks and keep up the great work.


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