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Yost Compact Bench and Clamp on Vises

Yost knows vises, for over 100 years they have been making quality vises right here in the USA.  We fell in love with the quality of Yost when we reviewed the 865-D earlier this year.  The vice has held up even to the toughest abuse of flattening out metal plating with a hammer. Once you purchase a Yost it will last you forever.

First let’s talk about the RIA-4 compact 4″ bench ise with the 360° Swivel Base.  The vise is compact for a variety of precision work, it is compact so it will pretty much fit anywhere.  The replaceable serrated jaws grip event thinnest of materials.  The operation of the vise is smooth and precise.  The entie screw assembly is enclosed to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the unit.  You can check out more on the RIA-4 here via Yost.

Now on to the 250 2-1/2″ Clamp-on Vise, it is a great compact solution for those who need a vice that they can take with them or have a small area to work in.  It uses a simple yoke style screw that clamps on surfaces from 1/2″ – 1-7/8″ thick.  It works rather well and if you need an even more permanent solution it has a 2 screw holes so you can permanently mount it.   2 steel guide rods make the movement of the vice precise and smooth and has a very strong grip.  Once you set up the vise on a surface it stays planted.

Yost vises are top notch quality and we highly recommend them.  Dont believe us? Check out the review over at


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