Yard Force YF2200BL Electric Pressure Washer


There are a ton of pressure washers to pick from.  You can pick from gas, electric or battery operated machines.  Even psi is widely varied from machine to machine. However if you’re a homeowner looking for an all around quality machine that has some pretty cool bells and whistles, not to mention powerful, the Yard Force might be something right up your alley.

This is the first time I have had any experience with Yard Force.  In fact, I had not heard of them until we went to GIE this year.  This pressure washer caught our eye as it was very eye appealing, so we just had to get a closer look.  We had the chance to try one of these out for ourselves and have to say this is a very cool pressure washer.

Yard Force DialFirst, this pressure washer, model YF2200BL, is designed with a brushless motor and puts out 2200 psi while working off 13 amps.  One cool feature of this pressure washer is the pressure control adjustment.  Just turn the dial to your desired output and you’re ready to go to work.  You can adjust the pressure at 1,300, 1,600, 1,900 and 2,200 psi.  The unit is fully protected with it’s cage and also has a folding handle.  While most companies choose to include a junkie hose line, the Yard Force comes with a high quality 25′ hose.  The power cord is nice and long coming in at 35′ with a pigtail GFCI.

The wand is a stainless steel wand with a 1/4″ quick connect tip.  Just below the handle is where you can easily store and access different tips.  You get four tips with the unit 15°, 40°, Soap plus BONUS Turbo nozzle.  The unit has 12″ wheels which are a good size when trying to roll over your hose or cracks on the ground.  This information I took from the website, but according to them this pressure washer operates at an 89% efficiency compared to a 190cc at a 22% inefficiency.  Also the cost to operate is much less.  The YF2200BL is $0.19 per hour versus $2.03 per hour for the 190cc engine.

All in all I really like this pressure washer.  It’s powerful and easy to move around.  They didn’t cheap out on the hose or length of the power cord, which is a huge plus.  Now I am not familiar with this company, so I am not sure how well they are built and how they will last over time.  I like the fact that it comes with a 3 year warranty in case I do experience a problem.  The unit seems to be quality and I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to a friend.


  1. Nice to see some companies pop out of nowhere and sell some quality products. I haven’t seen any of their products on the market yet, Ill have to keep my eye open for this.

  2. I feel like anything that plugs in to the wall needs to be purchased for the wife, there’s just something about spilling a little fule on your boots.. It just screams IM A MAN!

  3. Thanks for the review. I hadn’t really considered an electric washer until this post. Here’s my question – how important is flow rate (gpm) ? I would think the flow rate would be very significant in how long it takes to get a job done.

    Here’s my situation – I’m on a corner lot, with a huge amount of concrete – 250′ of 3 foot wide sidewalk, 3 car wide drive, and two good size patios – takes a long time to clean it all. And in Houston humidity, it needs to be done twice a year.

    Fortunately my wife has recently taken on the pressure washing duties (God Bless that wonderful lady). We’re using a gas powered 2100 psi, 2.0gpm washer. But she struggles with the pull-start, the noise, and the refueling. The electric would solve all that.

    Both units have basically the same pressure. But with almost half the flow (1.25gpm vs. 2.0gpm) would the electric unit take twice as long to do the same area? I’m not familiar with how much the flow effects it. Any advice? Thanks – for your great reviews, and any advice you can offer.

  4. Still not a fan of battery or electric equipment, my Honda powered pressure washer starts on the first pull every time even after months of sitting around. I like pressure washing I find it to be very calming also seeing all the grime being blasted away is very rewarding. Plus I like the sound my turbo nozzle makes..lol

  5. That would be perfect here in Cali,cant even wash your car legally without a pressure washer anymore because of the drought.

    Would be good to clean my patios in backyard too id think.

  6. If I were SawdustTX I would stay with the gas pressure washer and possibly get a larger one. Water flow is as important with pressure washers as CFM is for leaf blowers. Electric pressure washers are good for smaller jobs close to an electrical outlet, but are not up to large areas and locations far from the house.

    This electric pressure washer seems to be decent quality, but I could not get use to the long delay. The ones I have used are only a second or two delay.

  7. The parts listed in the owners manual are not available (high pressure water outlet). The tube that connects the hose to the pump. Unit works terrific for an electric.

  8. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a high pressure water outlet for this Yard Force electric pressure washer? Model YF2200BL
    Our outlet cracked then sheered off and we are having a difficult time finding replacement parts.


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