Worx 32V Blower/Sweeper Review – Model WG575


Worx released their new 32V blower/sweeper and I have to say, it’s pretty cool.  We first saw this blower at the NASCAR event we attended not too long ago.  We saw the guys in the pits using this to blow part of pit row clean. I used this the other day and it was awesome.  I have used it to clean my walk, garage and patio, but the other day it came in very handy.  I was filling in cracks in a brick walk.  I used the blower up close to blow the cracks clean of debris.  Then after I swept in the sanding joint, I could use the blower to blow the extra sand off the walk before I sprayed a mist of water.  The blower was light and very easy to use.  Speaking of light, this unit only weighs 4 lbs, but puts out 120MPH of air.  Another reason the blower is light is because it is constructed of high impact nylon.

It does seem like they have numerous attachments for this model, but we haven’t tested them yet.  The WORX AIR Attachments include an AIR Wand, AIR Dust Brush, AIR Short Tube, AIR Extension Hose and AIR Dust Tube, AIR Detail Brush, AIR Inflator Nozzle, and AIR Deflator Cover and Nozzle.

Overall this is a great blower.  It’s nice just pushing a button and having a blower.  I am so use to using gas, using a choke and pulling a cord.  This is much quieter, lighter and plain and simple it does a great job.  This is a great blower for the homeowner who doesn’t want to mess with gas and a heavy blower.




  1. Nice review Eric! My favorite features of this blower are the 32 volts is powerful, It’s small and compact, should fit on the shelf easily, Worx is a really good brand. They have come out with some great products!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Great writeup Eric, This is a nice cordless blower! Worx makes some great tools! Glad you guys got to go to the races, they are very fun! If at all possible I would like to see some of those attachments in action! Keep up the great work!

  3. just what i need for 13 stairs and sidewalks..driveway after weedeater .use..omg think this pupppy would perfect for me…no more stringing
    100 ft extension cords for electric one i own baricuda.tks guys another
    good review.

  4. preordered the WORX WO7010 Cordless Air Blower with gutter kit. smaller
    gutter tubes hope work better than my craftsman wide ones..this has same
    blower as the review..gutter kit added..price $181.00 preordered for
    october.dang have to wait…lol


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