World of Concrete 2013





Wow we finally made it to Las Vegas to enjoy the World of Concrete.  I have to say it was one long trip to get here.  Our four hour flight felt like ten hours. I had to sit in front of some screaming kid and Dan had the enjoyment of sitting next to some guy that never heard of deodorant.  Well that is in the past, now it’s time to focus on the World of Concrete and talk about some of the cool things we have seen so far.





Hilti took top spot with their new TE 30-A36. This is a huge leap forward in the rotary hammer sector. This new hammer drill will out work some corded rotary hammers on the market. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below. One feature of this tool is protection for the user. Have you ever been using a rotary hammer and hit rebar or something else that caused the tool to spin and jerk your arm hard?  If you have, you know it’s no day at the beach and it can be very painful. With the new TE 30-A36 you don’t have to worry about that happening anymore. Hilti has an inertia gyro sensor built in.  If the tool jerks quickly it shuts the tool down, which you can see in the video. One cool thing is it’s not too over sensitive where it shuts the tool down when you don’t want it to. Hilti has a lot of other cool stuff they are showing off, but why ruin the fun and show you everything now. Just wait as we will have more Hilti coverage tomorrow and in the days to come.  In the meantime, Check out Hilti’s Website.




As always Dewalt has some cool tools they are showing off. However I am not really allowed to talk about Dewalt, so Dan will write a separate article and post it soon.


Johnson Level

We’re huge fans of Johnson Level, so we had to seek out their booth. Besides making the best levels around, they are the most down to earth people. Nothing better than a family owned American company. At the booth we had a chance to check out the Self-Leveling Combination 2 line & 5 dot laser level, model number 40-6685. A couple cool features about this tool are manual mode which allows the unit to be used in tilt mode and the ability to control points and lines. As always another cool invention by Johnson Level. You can check more out about this laser at Johnson Level.






Powers Fastening Innovations

PowerI have been using powered actuated tools lately. While they’re nice, they are time consuming because you have to keep adding a fastener after you shoot one. We had a chance to fire some shots of the Powers Fastenening Trak-It series. Looking at the tool, I would think it’s very heavy. To my surprise, these were actually light. You can take a look at their line up at






Metabo also has some great tools, so we couldn’t pass up their booth. We had a chance to see the new Metabo Electronic Combination Hammer model KHE 3250. This utilizes the SDS-Plus shank system. Metabo also implemented the MVT (Metabo Vibra Tech) which reduces vibration levels to the end user. There is a lot more to this tool, but you can check it out at Metabo.




Makita introduced a cool new 4 stroke motor for their concrete cutting saw. The model number is EK7651 and is called the MM4. Forget the days of mixing gas and oil and having a hard time trying to start the engine. Can’t wait to check this out in Action.




BlakladerAs you know we are a huge fan of Blaklader Workwear. We had a chance to stop by the booth and see what was going on. We were wondering what was going on with the pants hanging there, but we soon found out. You can check more out at Blaklader.






BoschToday Bosch announced an alliance with Ram Trucks. This will help contractors stay organized with the L-Boxxes. Below is a cool L-Boxx we saw at the World of Concrete. Check more out at Bosch.








We will have more to come and even more videos. However the internet connection is awful, so that’s all until tomorrow.



  1. So with all the issue that plague Makita as of late, they jump in and fixed something that didn’t need fixed to begin with? Way to go Makita, now how about catching up to the pack on the rest of your tools and beefing up your sad attempt at a 12V line.

    The Hilti hammer sounds awesome. I just might enough equity in my home to take out a 2nd mortgage and buy one. LOL.

    Aren’t I quite the sourpuss today.

  2. hahaha you are very right conductor that hilti is priceyyyyy. but if you think the time savings, tool life, and repair service are worthwhile, hilti’s price is more swallow-able… but for non-pros like myself, no need for most of these kid of toys….. still cool nevertheless

  3. WOW are all these NEW TOOLS going into the 2nd BIG BAG OF TOOLS GIVEAWAY?
    Or maybe one of them, the JOHNSON SELF-LEVELING LAZER would be nice.

  4. I follow you guys and ToolselectTV. Looked like they were following you all the way through 🙂 They would upload a video of the same items a day later then you hehe.


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