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About the Work Sharp

The Work Sharp is a compact sharpening system and can be used for a wide variety of sharpening applications.  This machine is made by the same company that makes the Drill Doctor, Professional Power Tool Manufacturing.  The Work Sharp comes in two different models, the WS2000 and Ws 3000, you can see the side by side comparison on the Work Sharp home page.  For our testing purposes, we tested the Work Sharp WS2000.

The Work Sharp WS 2000 can be used for a wide variety of applications such as grinding, sharpening, restoring, resurfacing, polishing, sanding and more.  Put is this way, if you have something that needs sharpening, the Work Sharp will most likely be able to sharpen it.  They even have an add on to sharpen knives.

The Work Sharp uses a 1/5 hp motor to get the job done, and this spins the plate at 1750 rpm.  On the on/off switch there is a safety feature, so you don’t accidentally turn it on.  The base of the machine has preset holes, so a user can mount the sharpening to a work area.  On the side there is a chisel port that is at a perfect 25° angle.  On the top there is an adjustable tool rest to make the sharpening process even easier.  The 6″ wheel is slotted, so you can see the sharpening process from above.  You can put abrasives on both sides of the wheel, one for coarse and one for fine.

Review of the Work Sharp

As we noted, there are so many applications for this tool, but for our review we only did a couple to show you the tool in action.  Otherwise, the video would have been 24 hours long with all the stuff you can sharpen, polish, etc. with this power tool.

The first item we showed was the sanding of wood.  We really didn’t have any thing to sand, but wanted to show you how fast it would take material off on Pine.  As you would expect, it wasn’t a problem.  Again, you can get different grades of paper to get the correct finish for any project.

The next item we used the Work Sharp on was a pry bar.  We wanted to see how effective the adjustable tool rest was.  As you can see by the video, the tool rest was very useful.  It was very easy to get the right angles and hold the tool in place for the sharpening process.  Next, we used some black pipe to see if the motor would slow down at all and also see how many sparks would be produced.  Two things we noticed, very little sparks and the motor kept up with the work we were doing.  Not that we were pressing down extremely hard.  So far pretty cool and impressive.

Next we tried the chisel port to see how well this worked.  Did it leave burrs, and how was the angle.  Well, after sharpening the blade, you can see with only a little work, the chisel was sharpened, and no burrs. It almost looked like the chisel was never used.  We also wanted to try a large object, so we used a planner blade.  Again, with the chisel port, it was very easy to perform and get the right angle without a hassle.

Now again there are so many application for this tool, the question is what do you need sharpened and where do you begin.  The great thing we like about this tool is that you could probably use this instead of a bench grinder.  One plus is this is a lot lighter than most bench grinders, so it is easy to move around and doesn’t take up much space.  The best part about this instead of a bench grinder is how the system works.  Obviously the wheel is flat, so you are always using the flat side which makes using it for different applications a lot easier.  A bench grinder you are using the side of the wheel, so it takes more time and a lot more finesse.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Work Sharp is a great addition to any work shop.  This machine will help you keep all your tools sharp and ready for work.  Great power, very easy to use and best of all, it can sharpen a wide variety of tools and more.  To learn more about the Work Sharp or to try one for yourself, you can check it out at Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener


  1. Thanks for sharing, I am currently in the market to but a sharp, and this is very helpful. I especially like the video – very cool.


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