Win a Milwaukee M18 Surge Impact Driver

Milwaukee Surge

How would you like to win a Hydraulic Impact Driver?  One lucky winner can walk away with the new Milwaukee Surge Hydraulic impact driver.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with a hydraulic impact driver, this is a newer system to the cordless world that still provides plenty of power, but you don’t get that loud noise.  You can check it out and learn more over at the Milwaukee Surge Page.

So how do you win this bad boy?  Easy, just head over to the Power Tool Forum and start engaging.  If you are new to the forum, go ahead and introduce yourself.  If you are already part of the forum, go ahead and start your voting here.   Here is the best part of the giveaway.  The users get to vote on who wins.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out or try the Milwaukee Surge, I would highly recommened it next time you have the opportunity.  This is a great addition to their M18 line up.


  1. Thanks for the giveaways. I love the forum and for a long time was very active but i have become a lurker roaming through and seeing it grow with great people. Shout out to some of the best of the forum like mondo, Jason aka dr99 lol, comp, and many more. Good luck to all!

  2. Man if I could just post a picture of my impact everyone would probably be sending me a new one or even Thier old used one would be a blessing lol. It’s still kicking tho!!!

  3. Man it would be a Dream to win this surge impact!!! I work around alot of live animals horses mostly & when building new stalls, or fixing old doors using a traditional impact scares the he’ll out of them! Horses are very jumpy to sound witch can make my job dangerous sometimes. I think this tool would make a huge difference with what I’d be able to accomplish the noise would drop alot and the echo of the impact would be drastically reduced making it safer and more efficient. Fingers crossed on this giveaway!!!! 🙂
    Either way love the channel & forum keep up the great work guy!!!

  4. This would go very nice with all the Milwaukee gear i have already there is no other cordless power tool/tools i would use

  5. I would love to have a chance in being a lucky winner!
    Better go find my lucky 4 leaf now!
    good luck to all!

    am about to order a Milwaukee M18 Cordless 18-Gauge Double Cut Shear — Model# 2635-20


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