Win a Metabo Grinder – 3 Chances to Win


Metabo is considered to have one of the best Grinders on the market.  Now here is your chance to see first hand as we are giving away three Metabo Grinders.  So what do you have to do to win?  It really can’t be any easier.  All you have to do is leave a comment on one of our articles or be part of our forum.  This is open to US residents only.  On October 31, 2016, we will pick three winners.   Check out Metabo for more information on their tools and why professionals love them.



  1. When it comes to grinders Metabo takes the cake. All of the ironworkers we work with use them. They have been designed for extreme duty and will handle anything you can throw at them. I have personaly smoked Hilti, Dewalt, and Milwaukee grinders, but never killed a Metabo. All that coming from a Milwaukee fanboy.

  2. I’ve been looking to upgrade from my skil grinder, this seems like it will fit the bill thanks for the chance to get something this nice

  3. From what was said about there being a significant difference with the battery, I think I want to test it out just to see what I’ve been missing. Most of my tools are Ridgid, mostly because of the LSA. I really do need a good grinder for an upcoming project!!!
    I can’t believe these guys were in my hometown! Next time, find a local from your forum or youtube subscriber that can show you guys where the real eats are!

  4. The recent acquisition of Metabo by Hitachi is going to lead to a stunning suite of tools. I run the Hitachi Premium tools, all of them great to use, now with the splendid Metabo tools, look out Team Yellow, Red and Blue..

  5. i would love to win the metabo grinder. for two reasons i really need a grinder and the second i love the model numbers of their tools. : ). hehe

  6. I have used and abused my Milwaukee grinder for decades. It is quite heavy, but it takes a lot of gruff. A new grinder would be nice.

  7. I’ve used all other grinders and would love to win one of yours and to use and be one of the first to own one around my small town

  8. I love how metabo looks. And I alway heard good things about metabo. Hope to win. Would love to get this line in my workers hands. Thanks #toolsinaction#TIA.#metabo#grinders#giveaway….

  9. I’m about ready to get a new 4.5″ or 5″ right-angle grinder to replace my current grinder which is going onto a chop saw fixture.

  10. I am just starting to buy tools and it would be awesome to check one off the list without dropping a couple hundred bucks! Thanks

  11. I’m not very familiar with Metabo but this contest has led me to do some research and I’m very impressed with the high ratings I am finding for their products. I’m very hopeful that I might win one of the grinders. But even though this is not very likely, I always like to know about goo new tools.

  12. Ah, Clever, I see what you did there – segueing into Philly Cheesesteaks after talking about “Grinders”
    ( A Grinder also being a heated sandwich with cheese and sauce, e.g. Meatball Sub… )
    Sure, I’m hungry, I’d love a free grinder, Metabo, meatball, whatever lol
    #TIACREW !

  13. After borrowing a Metabo grinder, I fell in love with ’em. By far THE best grinders out there. Winnng one would be awesome. I’d be looking for reasons to use it.


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