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Professional Power Tool Guide is giving away a FREE Dremel 8200.  The 8200 is a cordless Lithium-Ion rotary tool great for almost any project.   We recently did a review, which you can read at Dremel 8200 Review.  We also did a quick video, which you can see below.

Below is some of the information for this tool

  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 30,000 rpm provides maximum control and precision
  • Separate on/off switch and speed control retains speed setting for the perfect speed every time
  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
  • Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation
  • Comfort grip housing for easier handling and better tool control
  • Compact and lightweight for easier handling and less fatigue
  • Battery fuel gauge lets you know when it’s time to recharge
  • High-capacity 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery for longer run times
  • Always Ready–Lithium-ion battery holds a charge 6 times longer than standard NiCad batteries.
  • Two-year warranty

Specifications of the 8200

  • Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Charge Time 1 hour
  • Speed Variable, 5,000 – 30,000 RPM
  • Voltage 12V Max DC
  • Weight (lbs.) 22 oz / 0.62 kg

This is a great tool and we had a lot of fun testing and playing with this.

Now we are sure you want to learn how to win this tool.  Well it’s pretty easy.  All you have to do is leave a comment on any post or best of all leave a comment on our forum.  Once you leave a comment, you will automatically be entered to win.  If you are picked as the winner, we will notify you by email.  We only use your email to notify you that you won.  We never spam or sell any information, so you don’t have to be paranoid.  Your chance to win ends July 31, 2010.



Tracey A – TX


  1. i think this tool is amazing, i’m hoping to make a full chess set out of some nice wood for my dad for his birthday.

  2. IWould not have beleived it if I hadn’t seen your video review (the way you were punching holed in that plywood).This seems like a quality tool !

  3. The Dremel 8200 really looks like a verstile great tool! I can’t wait to get my hands on one to help me out with all of my projects

  4. I don’t own a dremel but I’ve used them for many years. I frame houses so its hard to find applications for it but I am going to set up a shop and its a must have tool.

  5. Useful review. I use this type of tool mostly for metal applications and would like to own a higher quality unit.

  6. I’m a crafter, and I’ve been advised that a Dremel tool will give me a lot of flexibility in the crafts I am doing with wood and gourds. I’ve been researching the best Dremel tool to purchase and I think the 8200 might be just what I need. What do you think?

  7. The Dremel is great and it does provide a lot of versatility. The cordless is great, but we would recommend going with the 2/28 because of the two batteries.

  8. Dremel is the only tool out their that I use in my Wood Creation’s.. Could not live with out one. Your 8200 will come in handy with out a doubt..

  9. I’ve been using Foredom and Dremel tools for some 40 years. Just got the 8200 today. Very impressed. Lithium ion batteries ROCK! I love the EZ Lock arbor. I do a lot of metal mechanic work. Mainly I wanted the Dremel EZ541GR EZ Lock Metal Grinding Wheels that, unlike a cut off wheel, is like a mini hard face grinder. You can use it on the side edge, a 3.5 or 8 in. hard face grinder but in a very confined space! Saving hours of disassembly reassembly time! Stronger then the EX456 cut off wheels for grinding welds etc in hard to reach places. The early Dremel thin cut off wheels shatter so easily unless your just cutting a slit in a stripped out screw head. Lowe’s was out of stock and Amazon says 3 to 6 weeks on these little EZ541GR gems. This 1.5 inch hard face , in my opinion is the greatest advancements Dremel has made and years overdue. I’m assuming these are popular as no one has any in stock. For the equipment mechanic. The 8200 with a hard face is a dream come true! Especially for field work where there is no power! A little pricey at $6.50 to $11 a pop. Same price as an 8 in grinding wheel!
    Sorta like buying printer ink! P.S. They should offer the 8200 not only in a better case with 2 batts, but with a ton of attachments all neatly arranged for the professional contractor. I’d pay $250 for that set up!


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