Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review


Here is a cool story of an avid hunter, Todd Pringitz.  Time and time again he would be out hunting or doing other outdoor activities and his hand saw would bust on him.  Not a huge deal if you’re close to home, but being out in the woods and that is your only saw, well that just sucks.  So here is a guy who saw the need for a better hand saw and filled the need.  So he developed the Wicked Tree Gear company and started off with the Wicked Tough Hand Saw.  It seems like this is really geared towards hunters.  To me there is a bigger market out there and that was one of the reasons we reached out to him about the Wicked Tough Hand Saw.  Besides a hunter, I think this would benefit an arborist, landscaper and rancher.  A guy who deals with trees everyday, this would be a great fit for being up in the tree and having this handy.  A landscaper who is mowing and is tired of that low branch hitting him.  The rancher who is out tooling around on his land who just wants to open up the trail a little more.  So let’s jump in and see what this is all about.

For startes this isn’t your ordinary cheap plastic hand saw.  The handle is made from cast aluminum with an over-molded rubber grip.  The saw feels great as it conforms to your hand.  To open the saw, just push a button on the front and you can open and lock the blade in place.  Reminds me of how you open the Milwaukee Fastback knife.  This is a fail safe button to ensure once it’s open, it stays open. Even this is made from a hardened steel.  Once the blade is open, just push the button again and you can close the saw back up.

If you are familiar with these types of hand saws, one thing you know is how you can break these blades.  With the Wicked Tree Saw, the blade is made from heavy gauge (.050″ thick) high carbon steel.  This provides durability and toughness even under heavy use.

Wicked Hand Saw Specs

Blade length: 6-1/4″.
Closed length: 8-1/4″.
Open length: Approx. 14″.
Weight: 8 oz.
Available: Handsaw, Replacement Blade


buyamazon1Wicked Hand Saw


All in all this is a great hand saw. The saw is well built with quality materials which makes it tough and reliable.  With a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, it’s hard to beat. Not one ounce of plastic and a tough blade makes this a great saw.  This is a handy tool to have in your arsenal.  For me this is a cool story of a guy who started off with an idea and is taking it to the next level.




  1. Great writeup Eric!!! This is a really nice saw, usually a folding saw is a cheap pos but this seems to be built very well and strong. Would be perfect to throw in the truck, does not take up much room. Keep up the great reviews!

  2. Well written Eric, best one so far…
    My wife being an avid gardener we could actually share this tool. Not sure that would be a good thing though 🙂


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