Werner PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank Review


We recently had a chance to review the Werner MT26 Multi-ladder.  If there is one thing Werner knows, it’s ladders.  The ladder is solid, well built and stable. One great thing about this multi-ladder is the ability to use it as a scaffold, which can be very useful.  However to use it as a scaffold, you need a plank, which brings me to the PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank by Werner.

Now you don’t have to have the MT 26 to use this plank, but it sure makes it a nice set up.  Before I go on, I do want to note there are two other planks in this series, PA208 and PA210 which all have the same features, except they have a larger slide length.  The PA206 is an Aluminum plank which reduces the weight, plus you don’t have to worry about it rusting.  In the past I have used other planks, but always found them harder to open and close.  With the Werner, there are thermo-plastic spacer guides which makes this very easy to open and close.  Another nice feature is the positive stops.  When in the closed position, the unit is 6′ long.  When fully opened, it will reach 9′.  The positive stops are 7′, 8′ and 9′ making this easy to adjust.  With the positive stop, you have the ability to open it from 6′ to 9′ and don’t have to worry about the positive stop getting in the way for shorter lengths.  Just pull the pin, turn sideways and open.

Again, the unit is pretty lightweight considering it can hold 250 lbs.  Even when the plank is fully open, there is not much bouncing going on even in the middle.  The plank is made of 2″ deep box section extrusions.  Also there is an extruded cross member riveted with solid aluminum rivets.  So this is built to last and built to withstand tough conditions.

Overall this is a great plank.  Lightweight, built for heavy duty use and easy to open and close.  Using this with the MT ladder system, it’s hard to beat.

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  1. I am going to get a Multiladder, just debating between the Werner and Little Giant. Is the plank something good to get also or is that just for construction work?

  2. Susan, I’d suggest a Vulcan multi ladder… I have one and it’s terrific… I don’t own a plank as I never needed one but it be a good buy


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