Weber Performer Deluxe Review

Full view of Weber 22 inch Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill in front of Eric's garage. We reviewed the model with a black lid.

There are a lot of great grill brands out there, but Weber has practically become synonymous with grilling. Someone says “grill” and your brain likely jumps to Weber’s signature kettle-style grill. Today we have a Weber Performer Deluxe to review. Honestly, I’m excited and probably a little biased. I grew up with a charcoal grill and I think that’s why I prefer the taste of food cooked on a charcoal grill vs propane. I also enjoy building my own fire.

You’ll notice this Weber shares characteristics of a standard Weber, but with a few additions. This Weber is also hiding some deluxe features. I believe Weber’s goal was to create a charcoal grill that added some welcome conveniences but did not “over modernize” and take away from the grilling experience.

The result: the Weber Performer Deluxe is one of my all-time favorite grills.

But it’s time to dig deeper and give you more details. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re going over today and feel free to jump ahead to the sections that interest you most.

Weber Performer Deluxe Review Guide

Want to learn more about Weber? Check out our TIA article A Look at the History of Grilling: Our Trip to Weber.

Weber Performer Deluxe Design

Top view of Weber 22 in. Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill with a black lid. Good view of the rolling prep station.

At first glance the Weber 22 in. Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill (#15501001) shares a lot of that stock Weber look. For instance, we mentioned that this grill is that familiar domed, kettle-style design. The grill bowl and lid are made from a enamel coated porcelain. This is great for both heat retention and durability.

Just like most standard Weber grills, this model includes a temperature gauge on the topside of the lid, along with a four-hole grill vent, and a simple, ergonomic handle.

The Weber Performer Deluxe replaces the standard rolling tripod legs with a four-wheel rolling prep station. The 22 in. grill and the 30 in. powder-coated prep area altogether make the rolling prep station 48 in. wide. and the grill is just over 44 in. tall.

The bottom wheels are made up of a combo of two smaller castor wheels on the prep end of the grill, and two larger terrain wheels for easy maneuvering on the kettle end. The smaller castor wheels lock to keep the grill in place. A wire rack rests between the two sets of wheels. It aids in the stability and could be used for storage.

While this appears to be your standard, simple charcoal grill, a standout feature on the Weber Performer Deluxe is the Touch-N-Go ignition system, which allows you to fire-up the grill with the touch of a button. We’ll get more into this later.

Weber Performer Deluxe Cover Options

The Weber 22 in. Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is available in three color options: black, copper, and green. We obviously had the black model, but we included Weber photos of all three for you.

Weber Performer Deluxe Features

Alright, now that we know something about the overall look and style of the Weber Performer Deluxe let’s check out some features.

Weber Performer Deluxe Igniter

Let’s jump to the best feature. There is a lot I like about this grill, but the highlight is this Weber Touch-N-Go gas igniter. No more messing with a chimney stack. Also, you get the gas assist without the lighter fuel flavor, just charcoal.

How to Use Weber Performer Touch-N-Go Igniter

  1. Load your charcoal by removing and adjusting the removeable grill grates.
  2. Lift up the built-in timer to expose the fuel cannister, fuel knob, and Touch-N-Go button. Twist the knob to the left to turn your fuel on.
  3. Press the Touch-No-Go ignite button. This will give you that fuel flame
  4. After the charcoal catches turn off your fuel by twisting the fuel all the way to the right.

Weber Performer Deluxe Hinged Cooking Grate

Take off the lid to check out the 363 sq. in. of cooking surface. That’s enough space for 13 burgers using the Weber Burger Press. Also, these are not just your normal grill grates.

The center grill grate is completely removable and beneath it are two charcoal baskets. Take the center grill grate out to easily add charcoal to the center of the grill. The side grill grates are hinged and fold up to expose the sides of the grill. This allows you to add charcoal to the sides.

This grill is also compatible with Weber Gourmet BBQ System inserts. So, you can take out that center rack and replace it with a poultry roaster, griddle, pizza stone, and more.

This is a great time to mention the FREE Weber Recipe Collection available on their website.

Weber Performer Deluxe CharBin

Weber Perfomer Deluxe CharBin outside view

This charcoal grill has a lot of great features, but I really like the CharBin. It’s just an easy way to store charcoal. Obviously, you can use any container to store your charcoal. But that’s a trip to the store, or you can forget to grab it, and it can just be a hassle figuring out that perfect size.

All of these are reasons why most of us just store our charcoal in the bag somewhere in the garage. Which is fine most of the time. But then the bag gets punctured, or wet, and our bbq plans are ruined or at least inconvenienced.

Weber Perfomer Deluxe CharBin inside view with charcoal bag inside

The CharBin fits perfectly under the prep table, it’s exactly where you need it to be, and for the most part keeps your charcoal protected and good-to-go whenever the bbq desire kicks in.

Weber Performer Deluxe Tuck-Away Lid Holder

Weber Perfomer Deluxe TuckAway Lid Holder

Not all features have to be complex in order to be appreciated, and the tuck-away lid holder is the perfect example of that. I love a classic Weber tripod grill, but I don’t love scrambling to find a place to place the lid while grilling, and placing it on the ground just isn’t appetizing.

This wire lid holder is a simple, but perfect solution for this common problem.

Weber Performer Deluxe Built-in Timer

Weber Performer Deluxe Built-in Timer

I like that this grill doesn’t go overboard on the tech, but I do like the addition of the built-in timer. It’s a simple add-on, but a nice fail-safe for when you have friends over and you might get carried away socializing. Sometimes you may need to time your cooking and sometimes you might just need help bringing your attention back to grilling.

Weber Performer Deluxe Utensil Holder

Weber Performer Deluxe Utensil Holder

Weber really considered storage and use when designing this grill. Another simple feature is the three knob utensil holder on the front of the grill

Weber Performer Deluxe One-Touch™ Cleaning System

The One-Touch™ cleaning system can be found on the underside of the kettle. It operates by just pulling the handle side-to-side and empties ash into the ash can. The ash can also has a handle to make cleanup easier. This is a nice upgrade from the standard ash plate.

Weber Performer Deluxe Value

Right now the Weber Performer Deluxe in black can be purchased through Amazon for $598.80. We compared the Performer Deluxe to other kettle-style grills that had some sort of prep area.

We found some grills by SnS Grills that have a fold-down prep table that currently retail for around $330. While the prep table is a great feature, it’s smaller and not fixed on the SnS Grills. We also checked out the VEVOR 22 in. Performer Charcoal Grill available at The Home Depot for $323.99. This grill does share a lot of the same features, but it lacks the Touch-N-Go igniter, the versatile grill grates, and we can’t guarantee the same quality materials and craftsmanship found in a Weber grill.

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium

A lot of people are asking, “how the Weber Performer Deluxe differs from the Weber Performer Premium?” That answer can be reduced to the Weber Performer Premium is about $50 cheaper than the Deluxe model, and does NOT have the one-touch Touch-N-Go ignition system.

Weber Performer Deluxe Final Review

Weber Performer Deluxe with steaks on the grill

So…how well does it work?

We cooked some steaks when we fired-up the Weber Performer Deluxe. Using the Touch-N-Go igniter was a breeze, the grill heated-up nice and evenly, and the steaks had a great sear and consistent cook throughout.

All-in-all, I really like this grill. Personally, I just enjoy a quality charcoal grill and the Weber Performer Deluxe is exactly that. In my opinion, the Weber Performer Deluxe elevates the kettle-style grill with convenience features without automating the grilling experience. It keeps grilling what it’s supposed to be: an opportunity to hang out in the yard with friends, play with fire, and make great food.


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