Weather Guard Truck Box Review – Saddle Box Style

Weather Guard Truck Box Review

Having a truck for work is crucial.  On any given day, you have no idea what you will be hauling around.  Having the bed in the back is great and makes your life so much easier.  However, there is one small problem or price we have to pay for the ability to have an open bed.  We lose the ability to securely store and transport certain items.  Now if you have a crew cab, sure you have some room to lock up your tools, but for a single cab, how do you lock your stuff up and protect it?  As a truck owner, you really only have four options.  You can either chance it and leave your tools in the back, which means people can easily steal them or they get ruined with the environment.  You can install a cab, but some people don’t like the looks of it, plus you are limiting yourself on what objects you can transport because of the reduced height.  Another option is using a cover, which is a great option for a lot of people.  I love the fourth option, having a truck box.  For me, I love the look, I love the ease of organization, the ease of accessing things and I still have most of my bed open to transport anything.  Now before I go on, I used to think a truck box was a truck box.  However after we first had the chance to review a WeatherGuard truck box, I can tell you first hand that a box isn’t a box.  I know people who went with off brand or cheaper brands and all I hear from them is complaining.

Weather Guard Truck Box ReviewHere is my thought.  We call reciprocating saws Sawzalls, we call tissue, Kleenex and the list goes on.  The reason we do this is because those brands were either the first to market or the products are just so good, we go by the brand name.  Well when it comes to truck boxes, I think we should just call them Weather Guard. Now I am not sure if they were first to market, but in my opinion, they are the best truck box around.  Back in 2013, we reviewed a Weather Guard box.  The box we reviewed was a Saddle Box, but it was their bigger version.  We reviewed the 117-0-02 which has all the same dimensions as the 127-0-02, but the width is bigger which is 27.5″.  With this box, the width is 20.25″.  Yes, the cubic feet is also different.  The big box has 15.3 cu ft, while the smaller box has 11.3 cu ft.  I love how they have two different sizes available.  Most truck beds are 5′ long, so the 127-0-02 is perfect because of the smaller width.  However, I have a 6′ bed, so I like the extra width.

Okay, so let’s jump into the Weather Guard Truck Box Review.  As I was sitting here getting ready to write this article, I thought to myself.  Since both boxes are identical except for the width, why not take pictures of the box that has been sitting outside for the last 3 years.  After all, every box looks great when it’s new, but what about after using it for a couple of years and being outside in the elements.  So the pictures I have attached to this article are my old box from 2013, so keep that in mind when viewing them.  No, I didn’t clean the box, it just looks new even after all this time.  Before I tell you what I like and don’t like about my box, I just want to cover some key points for the people who are here and might not be familiar with this Saddle box.

Weather Guard Truck Box ReviewThese Weather Guard Saddle boxes are made to fit any full size pick up truck.  The box is made from aluminum and has a diamond plate pattern.  There is a clear coat finish on the box to protect it from the outside elements.  The locking system on these boxes is unique.  While most manufacturers choose to use a low-quality locking mechanism, Weather Guard uses a full retracting lock system that helps protect against break-ins.  Another cool feature, but one I don’t utilize is that these boxes have a 12V access on the back in case you want to run power.  On the inside, there are a couple storage options.  First, you can store a 48″ level on the back.  On one side, there is a removable storage box, which is great for drill bits and other small accessory items.  There is more to this box but just wanted to let you know a little bit about this box before I talk about my experience with it.

Weather Guard Truck Box ReviewAgain, I have had my box for three years and would like to first start on the outside of the box.  As you can see, this box still looks brand new.  This box has been outside all 3 years.  I live in the Chicago area, so we get extreme heat and extreme cold, so yes it experiences both sides of the spectrum.  As far as the clear coat, whatever they use, works.  I don’t see any peeling or fading.  So let’s talk strength.  These boxes get abused on the job site, but I don’t think any job site can give this box a run for its money like my 6 and 8-year-old can.  My 8-year-old is about 70 lbs and my 6-year-old is about 60 lbs.  I can not tell you how many times they get on top of this box and jump up and down.  Yes, I understand they shouldn’t do it for safety reasons, but I have heard it enough over the years from my wife.  When they jump up and down, the lid has never once buckled.  I am not sure how much weight the lid can take, but I know it can at least take 130 lbs of bouncing up and down without any problems.  Best of all, the lid still opens and I have never had any issues.

Weather Guard Truck Box ReviewOkay, so the lid is strong and the clear coat keeps it looking like new year after year, but what about use?  Here is where this box shines.  First are the locks.  I love how when the box is unlocked, the red button is out.  When the box is locked, the button is recessed which makes it harder to break in.  Not only does it offer protection, but I love the visual.  I don’t have to walk up to the box to see if it’s locked or unlocked.  I can just look at the lock and know right away.  You can lock and unlock either side of the box, you don’t have to do both at once.  Here is the best part of this box.  There are two locking mechanisms located inside the box.  When I close the lid from either side of the box, both always lock into place.  I never have to walk around the truck and push the lid down to make sure the other lock is triggered.  For me, this is huge having the peace of mind that if I close the lid on one side, the whole system is secure.  I hear people all the time who don’t have Weather Guards tell me that they have to perform the walk around to double check the box is locked.

Weather Guard Truck Box ReviewOpening the box, the quality doesn’t stop.  To this day, the pistons that assist in opening the lid still work.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside or how much ice is sitting on the lid, the lid still opens so smoothly.  Plus when the wind blows hard and catches the lid, it might move a little but has never shut closed from the wind.  I also love how the pistons are protected on the inside of the box.  There is no way for you to bend or break these pistons, what a great design.  There is weather stripping that covers the inside of the lid.  Not once have I ever gotten rain, snow or anything in this box.  My weather stripping looks like brand new and never have had any issues at all.

Listen I could go on and on about this box.  The only thing I can tell you is that if you are looking for a premium box to protect your investment in your tools or something else you want to store in a box, get the Weather Guard.  I am a huge fan of this box.  No, they aren’t paying us to talk this box up.  This is just one of the products I believe in 100%. For me, it’s either a Weather Guard box or nothing.  There are no substitutes.  I really don’t want to bore you with a long-winded article. So do me a favor, next time you see someone with a Weather Guard box, just ask them about their story or their personal opinion.  Trust me, These boxes are awesome and worth every penny.


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