Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Finish Look

Here is the deal, when it comes to paint sprayers, they can make life easier, well sort of.  With paint sprayers, there is a learning curve. Once you get it down, that is when they become easier. Over the years we have tested a variety of sprayers and let’s just say, they tend to be the biggest pain in the rears to test because they are so time-consuming. There is the large learning curve and they take forever to clean up. I am in the process of remodeling my house so I am pretty busy. However, I do need to paint my shed and fence so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to test out a sprayer and see how well it performs. So let’s take a look at the Wagner Flexio 5000 Review.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review Overview

OK, you have heard me whine and complain about sprayers and the learning curve. I have a lot on my plate right now so this has taken a back seat to what needs to get done. But the one thing I can tell you is how wrong I was about this sprayer. The Wagner isn’t like other sprayers. This one is a little different. This one is actually very easy to clean and very easy to get the hang of using. Finally a sprayer I can get behind.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review Features

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

The Flexio 5000 has a nice set up to it. The motor stays on the ground so you’re not trying to lift it while painting. Plus the box also acts as a storage unit when not in use.

The sprayer comes with two types of nozzles, one for painting and one for fine finishes.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

Once you set up the unit, the power cord comes out of the back while the air hose is out of the front.

To get started just turn the unit on or off with the push button which is located on the box.  Even when the unit is on, you still have to turn it on with the gun, which gives you more control. Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

To start spraying it’s as simple as pulling back on the trigger.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

As with other nozzles, you can set this up to spray vertical or horizontal.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

All the paint or stain is located in the container which is directly attached to the gun. This is one of the reasons clean up is so easy and quick.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

One neat feature is the suction tub. In case your getting low with paint, you can turn the top and have the suction tub take directly from the corner of the container. So it doesn’t matter if your spraying at an angle or straight.

You can adjust the amount of spray and pattern using the air knob on the gun and also the ring in the front. Using these together allow you to fully control the final finish.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

The motor housing has a handle so you can carry it to another location once it gets beyond the hose reach.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review Performance

Before you paint a room, fence or anything else, you always want to get familiar with the sprayer so you can get used to it and get the finish you want. I took some old piece of wood, along with some old metal cabinets and part of a tree to practice on. I was expecting a large learning curve but in a matter of about 3 to 5 minutes, I was ready and comfortable with the sprayer.

What I noticed was how easy it is to control the finish look. If you want it to have smoother look or a rough look, it was easy to create with this sprayer.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

This is hard to tell in the picture, but I had an old tree that was cut down and wanted to accent the growth rings. So I wanted a very fine finish. Again with all the settings and the way this works, it was easy to create it the way I wanted.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review

Here is where the sprayer comes in handy. This is my fence. When I first painted it several years back, it was a pain to get all the sides of the boards. With the sprayer, it is easy. I didn’t do the whole fence because I ran out of paint. When I work on the fence next, I will post videos to Instagram so you can see first hand how easy the Flexio 5000 is to work with.

The biggest item I noticed with this sprayer is how little overspray or how easy it was to have no overspray.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review Value

The Home Depot is selling this sprayer for about $160 on their website. For me, this is a good value. The sprayer has a small learning curve, is easy to clean up and produces a quality finish product.

Now if I am only doing one or two rooms or a small area, I would still go with a roller or brush. However if your spraying stain or doing larger areas like a fence or shed, it’s worth the money as it will say you a ton of time.

Wagner Flexio 5000 Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this is a great sprayer for the money. The ease of use, ease of clean up and the finished product is worth buying this sprayer. As I said earlier, we have tested sprayers before and they are usually hard to clean up and can take a while to learn how to spray and leave a good finish. For me, I am sold on this sprayer.


  1. Thanks for the review Eric. I picked up the Rockler HVLP sprayer a couple of months back and I am so far behind on my projects I have not even used it yet. I like the color you did the fence makes me want to paint mine.

    • I’ve heard good things about the Rockler version, you’ll have to let us know what you think once you can test it out! He definitely picked a good color! I did mine once in my old house and it makes such a big difference! Sprayers make it a breeze too!


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