Veto Pro Pac TP4 – Tech Tools


Veto Pac Pac has hit the scene hard the past few years and has become to be known as the toughest soft sided bags you can find.  We have yet to completely destroy a Veto Pro Pac and trust us we have tried.  We even shot one up here.  Recently Veto introduced a smaller tool pouch and meter bag the TP3 and MB.  I personally have been using both everyday for my networking jobs.  The TP3 just clips onto my belt and I am off, my most used tools are on my person and easily accessible.  Veto has now released the TP4 which is like the TP3 but bigger and will hold a meter like the Fluke Air Check or a multimeter.

The Tp4 has a composite hook that allows you quickly hook and unhook it to a belt or a full sized Veto Pro Pac.  It also has a belt loop so you can slide your belt through to secure it to your person.  The bag has 20 pockets including 2 long shank pockets on the side.  There are 2 D rings and a 8″ strap to hold a variety of electrical tapes.  Just like all other Veto Pro Pacs there is always room for an extra tool.  The quality is great and the leather trim panels really make this a rugged bag.

A removable rubber handle strap at the top gives you another option to transport it.  One thing I really like about the bag is that it sits upright up when loaded.  I can put it down and not worry about it falling over and spilling all my tools out.  Obviously you will need to have your tools somewhat balanced to do this.  If you are serious about your tools then you are Veto Pro Pac user.   Now that I have used the TP3 and TP4 I could never do without them.  They allow me to lighten my load and take only my essential tools to the job.  A 3 year warranty covers this bag against any defects.


Check it out over at Amazon.


  1. Dan–Nice review, and Eric didn’t harass you much during the taping. I like Veto bags, but they get pretty heavy when loaded. The concept of being able to wear the smaller tech bags on your hip for a specific job (either on the ground or on a ladder) is great. Have you guys also checked out the Werner AC50-JB-3 (Job Box), or the AC-54-JC (Job Caddy), as well? The Job Box can carry a lot of tools, or you can fill it with water to wash windows, and it has a wire carry handle. The AC54-JC (Job Caddy) is a smaller segmented box, which separates screws, nails, bolts, etc., keeping them in front of you while working on a ladder. It also has slots for screwdrivers and other small tools. These are a big improvement over trying to balance a drill or other tools on the small fold-out shelf that many ladders have. They also offer a Paint Cup, which frees you from balancing a quart or gallon paint can up on the ladder with you.


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