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Tool bags are great, but they hamper your ability to carry anything else when you transport them. Backpacks are a great option to keep your hands free to carry other items to the job site.  They even allow you traverse more terrain and climb ladders.  Veto Pro Pac has recently released a new back pack for the professional technician.  The backpack has all the features of the Veto line up.  A thick 3mm waterproof base protects your tools from whatever wet things you set it in.  The entire bag is weatherproof and uses marine grade rivets .  The base also allows the bag to sit upright and stay upright so your tools are always available and organized.  A central backbone keeps the bags shape.  Your tools will not get crushed and your meters will be protected.

Veto has come a long way since our first encounter with their bags.  The bags have gotten lighter and stronger.  There is always room for one extra tool even when you think there isn’t.  All this protection and quality does come at a price.  The only downside to a Veto Pro Pac is the weight. The Tech Pac weighs 9 lbs. The quality is second to none. There is no better bag than a Veto Pro Pac.

Make no mistake this bag is not for the average Joe, this is for the professional who has expensive tools that need transporting and prtecting.  The bag has a hook that comes out on the top so you can hang the backpack.  You can also lower the front flap to make a sort of makeshift flat platform to lay your meter or tools on as you work.  The features are galore, a lot of thought went into this backpack. Veto Pro Pac was founded by Roger Brouard, a professional carpenter who wanted a better solution, not some engineer that has never seen a job site..  I personally use this bag daily for my IT job,  I don’t have to worry about my tools getting crushed or falling out.  They are safe and secure.  If you want your tools safe and secure and demand the best. Get a Veto Pro Pac.


  1. Good bags but the zips are rubbish. Had the xxl zip gave up so I sent it back and got a replacement. Zips broke in that now and I had kept the zips oiled but still gave up. They should use stronger zips with bigger teeth

  2. Is the new veto pro pac Black(Out) that just came out the better bag for $45 more? I know u can change out the inserts but is that the only difference? I wonder if the Velcro will weaken over time.


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