Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Review


It is no surprise that Veto Pro Pac is our favorite tool bag, we use them constantly to transport our tools.  Not one has ever had a quality issue or failed on us.  Veto starts with a thick 3mm thick polypropylene base, that is literally bullet proof.  In the picture below we shot up a Veto XXL, it absorbed the bullets and self sealed itself like some futuristic military armor.  This gives me a good secure feeling that my tools will not get wet on any surface I place the bag.

Veto Tech LC 5


The Tech-LC is the size of the of the standard LC and has a big area to put devices like clamp meters and bigger tools in.  The comfortable shoulder strap now clips on to the redesigned handle which also helps keep the weight down on the 5 lb. bag.  The TECH-LC was designed with HVAC techs in mind, but will work for any technician’s gear.  I use the bag for field IT work.  I can carry all my tools plus a labeler, toner and a multi-meter.  It has an area for business cards and stretchable neoprene pockets for my USB flash drives.  There is a total of 53 pockets that hold just about everything you need to take with you.

Veto Tech LC 2

Veto Tech LC 7

The Veto does more than protect your gear, it makes you more efficient.  All your tools are displayed and ready to go,  the TECH-LC side panel zips open to reveal all your tools.  The right tool is always right there in front of you.  The side of the bag has the stainless steel tape measure clip, this is awesome to attach one of the new small Veto Pro Pac bags like the MB or the TP3.  You can also clip them onto any of the various D clips on the bag.  The bag is made from 1800 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon which makes it tough.  Think of the toughest tow strap you have ever seen, then multiply it by 4, that is a Veto Pro Pac.  A 5 year warranty covers this product.

Veto Tech LC 1

Veto Tech LC 3


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  1. CORRECTION–YOU SHOT AT THE PRO PACK with the AR-15 DAN, and you dug a lot of holes
    in the ground for planting stuff. I remember this video, very funny.

  2. I can’t wait to get one of these. It was great to see some network/telecom stuff in the bag – that’s exactly what I’ll be using it for. I even have the same toner.

    Thanks for the review.


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