Veto Pro Pac MC Tool Bag – Mini Tool Bag


If you need the toughest bag in the industry you go Veto Pro Pac.  We have been using them for a few years now and they have yet to disappoint.  Veto is releasing new ones to keep up with the demand and needs of the tradesman.  The bags are made from the highest quality materials.

The bottom of the MC is just like any other Veto, it is made from a 3MM thick polypropylene base.  This keeps out moisture when you set it down.  The bag is 1800 PVC Denier Nylon so chances are you will never rip it and the marine grade hardware means it won’t rust.  it weighs 4 lbs and has 20 pockets with big pockets for meters or drills.  Veto covers this product with a 5 year warranty.  I doubt you will ever have to use it, every bag we have used has been top-notch quality.  Check it the Veto Pro Pac MC via Amazon.


  1. Very nice, guys. A Veto Pro Pac that, even full, is carryable with just one hand. The smaller size will help you select just those tools you need for certain types of jobs, keeping it lighter, yet you can always put another tool or meter in it. A great addition to the lineup. Incidentally, what’s the price on this one?

    As an aside, the video and the audio are out of sync (at least on my computer). Is there an issue you need to look at to resolve this, or am I the only one it’s occurring with?

  2. I’m in love with this bag & I want one. I also like the backpack but like you mention, it’s Cadillac money. I only have Yugo money to spend 🙁 it is nice to dream, not dream but it’s nice to see what is out there. You guys do show us a lot of cool tools & how to carry them. Laters TIA


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