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Veto Pro Pac LC Revisited

There are tool bags and then there is the Veto Pro Pac.  We shot the XXL up with guns over the summer and still use it.  It works like a charm except for it rattles from all the shot gun pellets rolling around on the bottom.   Towards the end of the summer I had a chance to use the LC on a project winterizing boats.  It was one of the harshest environments the bag would ever see.  The 3mm plastic base was awesome as it kept all my tools dry.  What I really liked is that you can stuff it full of tools and and yet there is always room for one more to slide in.  The bag feels pro and I actually think it offers better protection than most hard cases.  The fabric is almost impenetrable and its soft sides absorb the impact.
Another feature that I liked was that the tools were right there and easy to see. It displayed them nicely.  Make no mistake the Veto Pro Pac LC is a heavy bag but you will not find a tougher bag on the market.  Check out Veto Pro Pac, they have released a slew of new bags that look awesome.


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