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It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Veto Pro Pac products.  Nothing comes close to protecting and organizing your tools.  Lately they have been cranking out some great new products like the Backpack and TP series.  Now they have released the CT “Cargo Tote”  The carry all of tool bags.  These bags are tough, they are made from the same 1800 denier nylon as the rest of the Veto Pro Pac line up.  This material resists tearing and ripping like no other bag on the market.  We actually shot up a Vet Pro Pac with over 200 bullets and the bag is still functional today.  Marine grade rivets and and heavy duty stitching attach the nylon to the 3mm thick polypropylene base.  The base is impervious to water and pretty much indestructible. Whatever you set it on, you know the items inside are protected from moisture.

Leather handles look that like they came out of a luxury car give a comfortable grip, no matter what the weight of the load inside.  It has 4 tiered pockets  and 4 D-rings to stow and hang whatever you want.  This bag is tough, you could literally fill the thing to the top with lead and not worry about a strap breaking.  The bag will handle whatever you put it in it.  Tie a rope to it and load it with bricks for a chimney job or put groceries in it.  It truly is the most versatile Veto Pro Pac ever.  It comes in 2 variants, the LC and XL.  The CT-LC is 14.5″ high, 13.5″ long, 9″ wide and the  CT-XL is 40% larger at 16.5″ high, 17″ long, 9.5″ wid

Overall I think this bag is a winner, I use mine everyday to haul just about anything.  I am always taking tools to contractors for testing and this bag has made my life easier!  Check out Veto Pro Pac.  You can also win one in the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway on July 4th.



Buy the Veto Pro Pac CT-LC From Amazon

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  1. Dan, Trying to pull the trigger on these, but they seem heavy & not very comfortable to carry when weigh down with tools. I do like the backpack, which you showed, but I believe you mentioned it was a heavy bag. I know I know a tool box is also heavy when full of tools as well. So why invest in one of these bags, which are pricey & don’t save your back or joints from weight? I’m looking into something that is easy to carry without having to buy a roller contraption. Do you know if they have messenger bag? This would be a cool bag for smaller jobs. That is the one that I would buy. I really like these, but I need to justify this buy. Trying to keep my bank account out of the negatives as well. Laters TIA

  2. Juan–Yep, they’re heavy, no question. As Dan pointed out, though, they’re the best organizing toolbag out there, and they’ll protect your tools from moisture better than anything else. I bought an LC model about 8 years ago and have never regretted it (I’m a DIYer). The backpack might work better for you, as the weight is distributed across your upper body, and it leaves your hands free for other tasks (like carrying a Sawzall or fumbling with your keys to gain entry to a service area). Remember, too, the bag (whatever style you choose), won’t be worn or carried once you arrive at the service or project area. You’ll set it down, and then it becomes a well-organized tool box for you, with everything visible.

    Other considerations might be whether you’re a tradesman or a DIYer. If you’re the former, ask questions of your buddies or co-workers on what works for them. If you’re on the move all day (computer or printer repairman, or larger Xerox machines), a wheeled carrier might ultimately be your best bet, because of the controlled environments you would work in. You’d also be using elevators to move from floor to floor.

    If you’re a construction guy (electrician, HVAC, etc.) working primarily outside in the elements, you would probably want to go with the Veto Pro Pac because of the extra protection it affords you. It’s also easier to haul a Veto around a site, as opposed to a wheeled carrier. I wouldn’t try to carry one up (or down) a ladder, however; that’s a personal safety issue. Alternatively, you could have someone throw down a rope, tie it to your toolbag, then haul it up to the next floor.

    If you’re a DIYer, working primarily around your home, the Veto Pro Pac would be easier to maneuver going up and down stairs and from room-to-room.

    After going through these scenarios, the answer should present itself.


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