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We would like to welcome a new addition to the Tools in Action channel, so welcome Truewerks.  You might not be familiar with their clothing line, so you can visit Truewerk and learn a little more about some of their products.  Today we will be looking at their double stitched jacket and their double stitched pants.

Before I get started, I had a chance to talk with the owner, Brian, and I have to say he seems like one of the most down to earth people, just cool and laid back.  However when it comes to his clothing, that’s a different story.  He takes pride and wants to make sure he is putting out only the best.  Truewerk’s isn’t your traditional work wear, it’s different.  This gear is inspired and created from the concept of military and professional mountain guide services.  So let’s start with the Double Stitched Jacket.

Truewerk Double-Stitch Jacket

Truewerk Workwear 01

First, I have to say this jacket is extremely comfortable, which is the number one item I look for in clothing.  Now when you look at this jacket, you will also notice it’s rather stylish and probably not a jacket you would use if you’re digging trenches.  However there are a lot of contractors who would get great use out of this like a PM, estimator and others.  If you look closely you will notice the top two pockets might look a little different.  That’s because this jacket is not only waterproof, but also breathable.  Which means you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or wind.  As with any jacket, I like lots of pockets.  I have a phone, keys, pens, candy, crackers and Crayons I have to store and carry around.  This jacket has 8 total pockets, so it’s perfect.  You get the two chest pockets, two hand pockets and on the sleeve, there is a knife and pen pocket.  Inside the jacket, there are two more large pockets.

One reason this jacket is so comfortable is besides the cut of the jacket, it also uses a 4 way stretch fabric.  Another cool feature with the design of the jacket is the sleeves.  The jacket is designed with cuff gaskets that seal cold air out while allowing the sleeves to cover glove cuffs.  The jacket retails for $189.

Double Stitch T3 Pants

5D__2025As with a jacket, I want my pants to be comfortable.  When I walk, I don’t want to feel them pulling on my legs or waist.  When I bend down, I don’t want to feel that triple cheeseburger I just ate in my belly.  For those reasons, that’s why I love these pants.  The waist line has a stretchy material, so when I am bending down, the pants stretch with me.  The bottom of the legs are designed so I can cover the top of my boots and not have to fight to pull them over.  Even the inside of the pants has fleece to help keep you warm.  As with the jacket, these pants are designed with a 4 way stretch fabric to help provide even more comfort.  As far as durability, these pants are designed with extra stitching around your knees and your junk.  Since Dan is always grabbing himself, this area tends to wear out first for him, plus it adds flexibility.

The pants have 7 pockets.  You have the four traditional pockets with two for your hands in the front and two in the back for your wallet.  There is also a pen and knife pocket.  More than enough places to store and easily access key items.  These pants retail for $169.

My only gripe about this clothing line is the price.  While they are comfortable, stylish and tough, they also aren’t cheap.  But again isn’t there a saying you get what you pay for? But again the jacket and pants aren’t designed for a guy digging ditches.  They are designed for the guy who will be doing work, but will also be interacting with the customer.  All in all, I love the jacket and pants.  They are comfortable which is the number one important item for me.  Second, they are rugged, which again is important.  As a bonus, they are stylish.  For the Pros and certain other industries, you can get a discount by visiting their pro page.

Don’t forget to enter the promo code TOOLSINACTION20%OFF to get 20% off your order.



  1. They are nice clothes, pants are a little pricy, i could justify the jacket price but not for a pair of pants. Nice looking clothes though.

  2. I’ve paid around that much for my North Face jackets & my heated gear, so I agree the jacket I can do the pant, maybe not so much. I can get 4 wolverine pants, plus a few hats & crew shirts for that price. Not sure why I can justify the jacket but not the pant. Looks like another cool clothes company. Laters TIA…


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