Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 208cc 21″ Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower – Review


Well well, it finally snowed here in Chicago.  We have had no snow until now.  We got 6″ , time to test out the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 that you can get at Lowes.  The 2100 is a single stage snow thrower which is good for smaller drives and light to moderate snow fall.  The main feature that we liked was the 208cc 4 cycle motor, no more smoke and having to mix oil.  The blower clears a respectable 21″ path and even has drift cutters to slice through drifts.  It comes mostly assembled and you have to unfold the handles, add the chute, drift cutters and pour in the included oil.

To aid in cold starts the squall has a built in electric starter, just hook up the included extension cord and you’re set.  Being a 4 cycle we thought the unit would be a little more quiet than it is.  The unit has a chute direction handle that is easily locked into position.  To angle the chute you need to reach over the unit and manually aim it, however, the chute worked its way fully open while operating a few times.  You can adjust the chute angle tension via a knob at the pivot point.  The choke, primer and key are all easily accessible even with gloves on.

Our test conditions were 6″ of wet snow.  We pulled the starter and on the second try it came to life.  The choke was simple to operate and worked well.  Pulling back on the safety handle engages the auger.  The auger helps propel the unit through the snow and all you have to do is basically guide it and aim the chute.  During our tests the Squall 2100 threw the snow about 15 ft, enough to more that adequately clean off a 2 car driveway.  Distance thrown depends on conditions and moisture content of the snow.   The Squall was not as quiet as we had hoped, it was a tad louder than a 2 stroke blower that we have.  The skid shoes are adjustable so you can set your shave plate height.

Overall the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 is solid well built machine.  It works as advertised and is a good fit for an all around snow blower.  It is protected by the Lowes Service Advantage, a number that you can call 24/7 for technical help and has a 2 year warranty.  Check it out at Lowes

Update: 1-21-12 – On the second snow storm the year, the wheel fell off and the crimp style cap that holds it on is missing in the snow.  This leaves the blower unusable.  We will be calling the Lowes service advantage and report back.

Update: 1-22-12 – We ended up going into the store and Lowes took care of the issue with a new axle cap.



  1. Did you ever use the drift cutter other than a place for the electric start cord and a handle to turn the machine from the front?

  2. Bought this snowblower from Lowes. Had this snowblower for 3 years and it’s never performed well. Extremely difficult to start and runs terribly. When it’s running the blower clogs up with snow and you have to manually clear it every ten feet or so.

  3. I Have had mine for 3 winters now and theres good and bad. I always use the electric start 1st and it always starts easy, after its been started for the 1st time during the year. It shakes too much and is loud. The right side wheel falls off 2 3 times per season as the push cap wont stay on. The left wheel ALWAYS loads up with snow( I think the exhasut blows on the wheel, it gets warm and the cold snow packs).
    Its always handled the snow even when we’ve gotten over a foot of snow. it doesn’t ever clean cleanly to the cement but good enough. I really like the 4 stroke engine.

  4. Hi guys,
    Mine cranks but does not start. Someone mentioned on youtube for different produc that it could be the fuel cap not venting. Can anyone who is reading check their fuel cap and see if there is any part inside of the cap that can fall?

      • Thank you for the response. I always filled it with no-ethanol gas. I opened the cap and tried to run while the cap is open (or loose) but the same issue. I was thinking if I lost any piece inside the fuel cap that controls venting. If not, it may be the carburetor then.

  5. I live near Buffalo NY. I really like the Troy Built 2100, starts very easy so I never use the electric start. My complaint is that the wheels get packed with snow especially the left side and the wheel won’t turn so I have to push the thrower as the wheel just skids along. I have to knock off the packed snow every few minutes and it becomes very annoying. Is there a fix or a different wheel to buy that won’t do this?

  6. What is Toro “Easy Mix” Two-Cycle Oil (3.2-ounce bottle mixed one per gallon of gasoline; 40:1 ratio), such as that specifically referenced in Toro CCR 2500 Operator’s Manual, p. 6, right column, second sentence of par. 2 (ref., [Manuals & Warranty / Operator’s Manual, download tab) – since I cannot find any product by that specific name, anywhere on the web; and where can I get it?


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