Troy-Bilt TB30 R Neighborhood Rider 30″ Riding Lawn Mower – 20 Hour Update


We have put about 20 hours on the Troy-Bilt TB30 now mowing a 2 acre lot.  Since our initial review here, we have had a chance to really use the unit and put it through its paces.  Power is plentiful, even through tall wet grass,  I know you’re not supposed to mow wet grass, but we have an area that is always wet and needs to be mowed.  The TB30 does not even hiccup, it powers right through.  Starting is simple and reliable, the Briggs and Stratton engine is a great runner.  1 acre and under is what is recommended for the Neighborhood Rider.  We have been cutting double that and are still comfortable at the end of an extended 2+ hr mow.  The fuel tank is more than enough to mow the 2 acres without refueling.

The TB30 is for flat lawns only and anything more than a 12 degree slope is not recommended.  The unit can get a bit hairy on uneven terrain.  With the over sized fuel fill I hardly ever spill gas, which is a good thing especially if your filling up in the grass.  When turning the steering wheel to full it tends to stick a little upon return to center especially at full speed.  Overall the TB30 has impressed us with its reliability, quality and powerful engine.  It is a good choice for any homeowner with flat yard under 1 acre.


  1. What happens if you put it into reverse while the blade is still going? Does it snub out? I am picking one up tonight at Lowes.



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