February Power Tool Giveaway



Each month you can win a free power tool from Tools in Action.  Here is this months tool give away information. will be giving away two tools this month.  One to our workzone forum and one to forum

Power Tool Forum – Workzone

Month: February

Power Tool Give Away: Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Dewalts Owners Group

Month: February

Power Tool Give Away: Dewalt Battery and Charger
How to Enter:  Just enter a post on our power tool forum.  You will automatically be entered to win.  We will notify you of the winner by email.

Last Month’s Winner: KJones.  Thanks for making some great posts to Dewalts Owners Group.




  1. I would put it on the inside of my camper shell flip up door window or on my girlfriends TV shirt.
    Or maybe my tool shed door.

    Dan or Eric what did they cost and where can you buy them?

  2. Whats up guys, great site. Been on it every day since I found you guys on youtube about a week ago. I have a small general contracting business with my father. We’ve been in business for 25 years and speacialize in masonry. We have a great business and in the past were able to stay busy year round just from word of mouth. We live in the suburbs of PA and were greatly effected by the economy. Not trying to make this a sob story just giving you some backround and to let you know that I found you guys on the net in my search to get a leg up on my compitition. I Recently aquired full control of the company when my father retired. We had eleven employees before the economy tanked. Now it’s myself and one employee. Needless to say I am now faced with the challenge of building our business back up. I have big goals and as you know the right tools are an important part of making any job quick and efficient without sacrificing quality. Thanks for your site guys I plan on making it one of my tool to help me reach those goals. Keep up the great site 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback. We always like to hear from our readers. I am sorry to hear what has happened and unfortunately we are seeing that all over. One of my good friends just lost his business. He was doing custom new home construction and this economy just wiped him out. Keep us up to date.

  3. Hello Eric??! I Enjoy Watching You Guys Review Products?! I Remember The DeWalt Mower That Wouldn’t Run But For A SECOND Or Two, & The Battery Would Be CRAZY?HOT?! What CONCLUSION Did Y’all REACH??????? Just CURIOUS??!


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