Tool Awards – The Best of 2014


The Tools In Action Tool Awards are given to products that really stood out this year.  Products that are innovative and the overall the best in its class.  Our awards are not bought, manufacturers have no say on who gets an award.  There is no fee whatsoever for these awards.  They are picked by the editors of Tools In Action.  Be sure to watch our YouTube channel all week because we are giving tons of tools away.


Best Power Tool Brand – DeWALT

This was a tough one to decide.  DeWALT may not produce at a the speed of other manufacturers, but what they do produce are top notch tools for the job site.  This year they pushed a lot of their assembly to the United States to help the American worker.  Tradesman are proud to display the black and yellow on the Jobsite.  From their top-notch miter saw to their drills, DeWALT is a leader in the tool scene.




Best Hand Tool Brand – Klein Tools

Klein has been around since the 1800’s. Still to this day owned and operated by Klein family members.  Klein keeps most of its manufacturing in the USA and that means American jobs.  Ask any electrician, they have a Klein in their tool bag and every tool has a story.  They have had them for years or they were hand me downs, Klein is made by Americans for Americans.  Top notch quality.



IDH182 Wireless

Most Innovative Tool – Bosch IDH182 with Wireless Charging Technology

Bosch had the edge with its new Wireless Charging Technology and tools like the IDH182.  Still in its infancy this technology has taken power tools to an entirely new level.  Just set the tool down and it charges.  Think about it, you can use just one battery all day just by setting it down. Good job Bosch.




Best 18/20V line – DeWALT

They may not have the biggest 18-20V line but DeWALT has one of the best.  From ergonomics to power and reliability.  The DeWALT 20V platform edges out the competition.  One thing we liked was the DCB102 charger it can charge 2 batteries at the same time, 12 or 20v to get you back to work fast.


Milwaukee logo

Best 12V line – Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee has the biggest 12v line in the industry that caters to just about everybody.  The addition of FUEL technology has taken these tools to the next level and made Milwaukee the one to beat for 2015.




Best Pro Drill – DeWALT DCD790

This compact powerhouse impresses on every trigger pull.  Ergonomics and power really stand out on this tool. The DCD790 is the best all around drill for the job site.  Brushless technology gives you great run times.  The small size makes it easy to carry anywhere, who needs a 12v when you have this.


Best Pro Impact Driver – DeWALT DCF886

The ergonomics on this driver are second to none.  it is by far our favorite impact due to its power and compact size.  No thrills just a good reliable workhorse that has great run time because of its brushless internals.



Best Homeowner Drill – Black and Decker Autosense

This drill really blew us away.  it is 20v, compact and has a feature called Autosense which is basically an auto-clutch.  It drives the screw or fastener to the right depth.  Usually these are just gimmicks, but not in this case.  it works perfect, feels great in your hand , has plenty of power and in our opinion is the best homeowner drill you can get.  Even Pros will like this tool.


2014 Milwaukee new lights

Best Jobsite Lights – Milwaukee Tool

Hands down Milwaukee took this award home,  Their new M18 and M12 lights are innovative and bright.  The new LED lanterns are the most innovative lights we have seen.



Best Pro Automotive Power Tool Line – Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand burst on the scene with their IQ line of cordless power tools.  The tools are no gimmick and just all work.  Our in house marina mechanic loves them for their power and smooth operation.  The tools are built tough to stand up to the harsh automotive environment.


Best Budget Power Tools – Ryobi

Let’s face it, there are many power tool brands to pick from.  Ryobi not only has the distribution, but a large line of power tools.  Ryobi is sold at Home Depot which is pretty much in every state.  You can get anything from a starter drill to a miter saw.  Ryobi pretty much has a tool for any job.  You get a quality tool for a budget price.


Ryobi Airstrike Nailer

Best Cordless Finish Nailer – Ryobi P325

Ever since turning green Ryobi has been producing some great products. The P325 nailer uses just an 18V battery and no gas.  It gets the job done every time.  We used it on the trim of our wood floor project and loved it.  Easy of use, price and reliability get this tool a 2014 TIA award.



Best Table Saw – DeWALT DWE7499GD

DeWALT table saws are almost legendary.  The have an accurate rack and pinion fence system that is second to none.  The saws are stable and reliable.  There is a reason that you see a lot of these saws on the job site. The new innovative Guard Detect feature adds a layer of safety that is unmatched.



Best Miter Saw – DeWALT DWS780

For the third year in a row now, the DWS780 takes the top spot.  It was close between the Bosch GCM12SD, but DeWALT took the crown.  Thanks to the XPS light system that lays down a shadow line for perfect cuts every time.  This saw emits quality.



Best Tool Bag – Veto Tech Pac

No bag is built like a Veto Pro Pac.  The bags are made from the strongest materials, have innovative features like a propylene base, and leather accents.  The bags are laid out so you can see all of your tools in an instant.  The Tech Pac is comfortable, sturdy and built to last.



Readers Choice Best Hand Tool Brand – Klein Tools

You guys overwhelmingly voted Klein as the best hand tool brand for a second year in a row.  This year we also recognized them as the best hand tool brand.  Klein is an American company that makes most of its products in America.   Their tools are made for the American tradesman.


EGO logo

Best Cordless Yard Tools – EGO

EGO dominated the cordless outdoor power market with their 56V volt tools this year.  Plenty of run time and power really gave EGO the edge.  The playing field has changed since the introduction of these tools.


Best Concrete CombiHammer – Hilti TE 30-A36

You want speed, power and longevity?  The Hilti TE 30-A36 takes top spot again this year.  Active Torque Control, Active Vibration Reduction and 2.7 ft-lbs of impact energy makes this cordless concrete tool a work horse.  The TE 30-A36 brings concrete tool to a whole new level.



Best Truck Accessory – DECKED

DECKED really took the pick up truck industry by storm this year. Their drop in drawers are made from a strong composite that can handle the day to day abuse that a truck bed takes.  The innovative system offers unparalleled storage that is weather proof.


Weatherguard Truck Box 07

Best Truck Toolbox – Weather Guard

I have had this box for over a year and can’t say enough good things about it.  The box still looks brand new.  The locks still work as if they are new and open like a champ.  The box is set up where even a messy person such as Dan can stay organized.


Werner MT Multi Ladder 19

Best Ladder – Werner MT

The Werner MT ladder is the one ladder to own.  Yes it does have weight to it, but I love how sturdy it is.  There is pretty much no flex at the pivot points.  Set up is easy and it’s a ladder you can trust.  I took one section off to lighten the ladder up, which makes it a perfect ladder to easy maneuver around and even through on a one story house and still have three rungs over the roof line.






  1. Wow!!! What a start. I can’t say that I disagree with any of the choices, because all are great choices. There are so many great tool companies that doing something like this is extremely hard. Not all will agree & will cause discussions, but all in all a nice list. Now to the videos. Laters TIA

    Happy Holiday’s

  2. I completely agree with everything you fellas picked out. Great list. It closely matches my own tool collection. Merry Christmas TIA.

  3. Wow….. There’s a lot of dewalt on that list. I didn’t know your nose could get any more brown dan!
    Lol anyways love the videos keep it up guys & merry Christmas!

  4. Well, my ego has been stroked. I just added the DCD790 to complement my DeWalt XR Hammerdrill/Driver (the premium one) and the DCF886. I got the latter two in a deal for less than the XR Compact combo kit, but I’ve found that the big honkin (actually, it’s almost the same size and weight as my old DW 972 12v NiCad) hammer drill was a bother. I have the Bosch 12v, but seriously wanted a light 18v class drill/driver for one simple reason. I get impatient when drilling a lot of pilot holes. The drill speeds in the 18v class are much higher than on the 12v class. 😀

    Would I be correct in concluding that if you had a separate category for Sliding Miter Saw, the Bosch Glide would have won that?

  5. I’m not a makita fan but this year makita released some really nice tools in their 18 volt line that were game changing products. Also I’d like to see you guy’s do a review on Hitachi’s 12″ sliding miter saw with digital miter gauge that thing is a beast.

  6. I am glad to see Tekton on the list. Highly underrated. Been using their laser etched impact set for the past several months and it really holds up.

  7. Great picks guys! I cannot agree with you more!

    Happy holidays to the rest of the TIA crew and here’s to another great year in the world of tools and YouTube videos!

  8. No love for Metabo, what!??! I’ve been rocking the BS18 LTX brushless drill with the 5.2Ah batteries and they are awesome! Super long run time plus they finally released their fast charger in the US. 45 minutes for a full charge, plus its air cooled!

      • You guys gotta try some of their new stuff, its awesome! They’re slowly becoming easier to buy, now that you can purchase them through Lowes and Amazon. Hoping they’ll get stocked in brick and mortar stores eventually, but at least you can find them in the more common online stores now.

  9. Wow the Black and Yellow team made an impact GO Dewalt!!! That’s my team very proud to use that line and it’s awesome to see the 780 on top again this year as I just bought it last week and love it!! 100% agree with other picks also there all great tools! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL MY T.I.A Fam on here!!! T.I.A!!!!!!!#1

  10. Not many choices here I would agree with. Dewalt for cordless, many other brands that have cordless tools that are game changers. Many companies produce tools here, it’s about time yellow came back. What took them so long.

  11. Great to see a lot of yellow and black in this years awards! I love my Bosch Glide saw but a mate of mine has the DeWalt and I’ve used it, I love the XPS light system, thats a big miss on the Bosch, there is no kind of laser or any other type of alignment system on it other than lowering the blade and doing it by eye, the shadow laid down by the XPX system is very accurate! Klein winning is no surprise cause their hand tools are the best out there and USA made is a big draw for them! I also own the Werner ladder, I love the flexibility of the system, to be able to go from a step ladder to a full extension ladder quickly and easily makes it a must own, great for cleaning gutters in the spring up here in Canada! Looking forward to awards week videos and can’t wait to win the UTBG…lol well theres no point in hoping!

  12. Congrats winners! Good luck to everyone on the big bag of Santa tool cheddar!!!
    TIA is the biggest hearted tool dudes on the interweb.
    Merry Christmas to all.?

  13. Epic Awards week. Congrats to all the winners & I’m glad to see Jason, Matthew, & Rigopit win. These are guys that I’ve followed here on the site for sometime now. Keep up the great job in 2015 guys. Laters TIA

    Happy New Year!!!! See you guys on 1/6/2015

  14. Lots of DeWalt….hmmm? Can’t disagree with most of it. However, I have to go with the Bosch GCM12SD Glide Saw as the best miter saw. NO contest really. The DeWalt is good but the Bosch is Fantastic. Accuracy like no other. I understand the shadow line but the Bosch accuracy along with the front controls for mitering, the fence system, the never sag linear system is just down right ToolTastic!
    Change the award and go with Bosch.

  15. I’m a Team Red supporter . Can’t beat them for breadth , and innovation . Returning jobs from the third world is important , but no so much in Canada , as nothing is made here anyway . Overall , interesting choices .

    Hating on a Hong Kong made tool , is about as smart as hating on your Korean and Chinese laptop or smartphone .

    Hand tool wise , I’m a big Klein fan , with nws and Knipex running a close second .


  16. Dcd790, not the Hammerdrill version Dcd795 ? Weight maybe ? Didn’t realize it was that much heavier.
    Bought the DCK286D2 kit this year (DCD795 Hammerdrill & DCF886 Impact Driver) and its been great.
    Also got DCS355D1 Oscillating Multitool, and can highly recommend it 🙂
    Wife bought me the DC012 Jobsite radio for Christmas…
    Tools all using the 20V Max batteries, Radio doesn’t charge them, but she meant well lol. At least it’s a good radio !, apparently better sound quality than the DC012 radio that DOES charge the 20v batteries…

    Happy New Year Dan, Eric, and all the contributors- TIA


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