Timberland Pro Rip Saw Wp Steel Toe Logger Boot Review


Being on your feet all day takes a toll on not only your feet, but your ankles, knees, hips and even your back.  That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable and strong work boot.  In the past, I used to get any boot that was on sale and I found out quickly that was a mistake.  I even went to see a foot doctor one time and he wanted me to do all these different tests,  etc to figure out what was going on.  Lucky for me, I never did the tests and spent the extra money.  I ended up getting a different pair of boots and my problem went away after about a week.  I did find out one foot was a little bigger than my other foot.  So I did thank him for adding to my insecurities.  After using the boots for a while, my feet did feel much better, but the boots didn’t last long.  So from that point forward, I made it a point to only buy good boots and not worry about the cost.

Timberland makes a great 6″ boot called the Timberland Helix which we will be reviewing soon.  However sometimes you need a larger boot and a 6″ won’t do.  That’s where this review comes into play, the 9″ Timberland Pro Rip Saw boot.  When I first took the boot out of the box, you could just tell this is a quality boot.  It looked nice and was lighter than I expected.  After trying them on, my initial thoughts were confirmed.  They felt comfortable and weren’t a drag on my body or feet during the day.   I am not a huge fan of 9″ boots because I have never found any that were comfortable, so when I actually wore these and they were comfortable throughout the day, I was very surprised.  Now, when I wore them around for a couple days, I wore them more to review them, I really didn’t need them at that time.  For me, one of the biggest tests would be to wear them on concrete all day.  When I am working on concrete, that is where I can never really find a good quality boot that at the end of the day, my feet don’t kill.  After wearing these on concrete for most of the day, I was surprised how comfortable these boots were.  Okay, they were comfortable, but were they really tough?  Dan and myself headed up to Rockford, IL to take a little ride around some dirt tracks in a John Deere Gator.  What perfect time to wear these boots.  I knew it would be muddy, dusty and I would be doing some walking over uneven terrain.  Even walking over this terrain, the boots were awesome.  The mud, water and dust stayed on the outside and my feet were comfortable.

Then it was time to write this review.  I looked up the boot to see some of the specs and that’s when I realized this wasn’t just a boot, it was a well thought out invention.  I never knew how much went into boots.  I just thought they take some leather, get a sole and sew them together.  Well that’s not even close.  So let’s check out what these boots have to offer.


Vibram® Outsole

  • Articulated Vibram® outsoles are synonymous with durability and quality. Made with a medium-soft compound for superior traction in rock-based environments, these outsoles are zoned for flexibility and independent lug deflection, therefore minimizing weight and maximizing traction.

Puncture-Resistant Outsole

  • Puncture-resistant footwear meets PR puncture ASTM F2412-05 and ASTM F2413-05 safety standards and features a steel plate designed to to minimize likelihood of puncture wounds caused by sharp objects that could penetrate the sole.

Anti-Fatigue Technology

  • Exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology absorbs shock and returns energy at key zones of the foot to deliver long-lasting comfort all day long. Molded, inverted cones support, collapse and return energy in key pressure zones, plus the cone structure means less material, making a lighter boot.

Waterproof Membrane

  • Premium waterproof leathers surround a breathable water-impermeable lining to keep feet dry and deliver the best waterproof protection.

Waterproof Leather

  • Waterproof leather has been specially treated to give it waterproof properties, causing liquids to bead up and shed from the surface.

Ever-Guard™ Leather

  • Specially treated leather that provides outstanding abrasion resistance. High wear areas are reinforced with Ever-Guard™ leather to enhance durability in rugged work site conditions.

Steel Toe

  • Timberland PRO® work boots stand up to ASTM F2412-05, F2413-05, I/75 and C/75 impact and compression safety standards. They’re engineered with a wide-flanged, tempered steel toe cap, providing protection for people in hazardous work environments.
  • They also offer a non steel toe version.

Electrical Hazard Protection

  • Their workboots electrical hazard protection meets ANSI Z41PT99, ASTM F2412-11, ASTM 2413-11 and F2892-11 standards to provide protection from open circuits.


  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent and control odors.  Who doesn’t need that?

CSA Omega Rectangle

  • Meets CSA (Canadian Standards Association) requirements for resistance to electric shock.

CSA Green Triangle

  • Meets CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards for Grade 1 and has a steel plate between the outsole and midsole for puncture resistance.

Leather Welt

  • Footwear features a genuine leather welt for heat-resistant and durable mechanical bond.


Okay, that’s a lot of stuff to go in a work boot, but after all, boots take a lot of abuse.  You want a boot to last because a good work boot is not cheap.  But more importantly a boot has to fit nice and feel comfortable.  The Timberlands are quality boots and have a lot of protection to to keep your feet safe.




  1. Great writeup Eric! Those are the taj mahal of boots, has almost every feature available. I have a bad habit of buying 30 dollar Brahma boots from Wal-Mart. …..i really should invest in these! Keep up the great work!

  2. I was thinking about Dan that looks like Drew Carey and i notice that Eric looks like Chevy Chase ???? Good to know they have carbon fiber

  3. Never wear steel toe boots or shoes, espically working round cattle or horses.
    if one of them critters steps on your steel toe it will smash the steel flat and you will be lucky if you have any
    toes left when they cut your boot off of you. Large chunk of steel will do the same thing, think people take more
    chances wearing steel toed boots, put there feet where they wouldn;t with regular boots on. Seel toes might be
    good for some work, BUT never rely on them to save your toes.

  4. g’day guys great work as usual, just quickly do timberlands come in a higher ankle support that supports carves???

    from your mate down under

  5. I’ve been wearing Timberland Pro for 5 or 6 years now. They are some of the most comfortable boots out of the box that you can buy.

  6. Dan and Eric, would you guys be able to review the SHD77M 15 amp Skil worm drive saw, I want to get one and would like to find out what you think about the quality and performance of the saw.

    • We don’t have any plans of now to review that saw. I have used that saw on a couple different jobs, it was someone elses. I love that saw. It will go through anything and doesn’t bog down.

  7. I’m on my second pair of these boots , after the first couple of days there was a lot of pressure on the right foot heel close to the arch. I thought it was a defective boot ; they were replaced. Now this new pair on my second day of wearing them I am feeling the same issue. Anyone else experiencing this ? ( my feet aren’t deformed in any way )


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