The Winner of the first ever Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaways is:


Drum Roll please……   Youtube user 2LateIWon is the winner of the the first ever Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.  Congratulations.  For those of you that didn’t win, don’t worry, another Ultimate Tool Bag Contest starts today!


We have emailed the winner and will announce their name and location when they respond.  If we get no response, we will draw another name.





  1. Merry Christmas, guys–Not to be a wet blanket, but the name of the winner sounds suspicious. How many entries did he/she make? “2LateIWon” sounds like the nom de internet of someone who possibly stuffed the ballot box with an ungodly number of comments just to be sure they won. 2LateIWon is an in-your-face, provocative way of saying I didn’t play fair; I won, and the rest of you are losers. I never saw that name before in the “comments” section here, so the person winning may be an anomaly. I hope you check out that possibility before awarding the prize. The rest of us don’t mind someone else winning if they played by the rules, but right now this doesn’t sit well with me

    • Hi Steve thanks for the concern. I believe it is a real person, I checked into it. They have a YouTube channel and have commented on some of our previous videos.

      The winner was chosen at random and
      we do not know their name or where they are from until they email us back. At that point we will announce a first name and location. We value all our readers and some may have commented more which equals more entries but the winner was chose at random,. We have made this as fair as possible and yes I agree the name is not quite fitting but fair is fair that was the name that was drawn.

      I am sure in the next couple days we will know more and I will fill you in.



  2. I don’t care if the persons handle was “In Your Face”. Even if they join the last day. If they win at random then they deserve it. If you’s want to be haters, there is always a war you can sign up for. Come on folks, at least it is a free contest with the hope of winning.
    I was glad to see some one win it, and hope they can use the tools they have won. You don’t know even if it was a kid hoping to win it for his father. Don’t worry it’s not me. I have no kids besides you can see my handle here. Why bark before anyone know any thing?

  3. Congrats to the winner!

    I don’t know how you guys corralled all of the entries but it had to have taken a loooong time.

    Keep up the awesome reviews!

  4. If the winner is A REAL PERSON the dead line should be at least a couple of months.
    The fact that they havn’t responded appears the person is NOT much of a fan.


  5. Brien I think we all did that looking for a HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS instead
    we all got coal in our stockings. Accept for the winner.

    THINK of it this way we sure had fun dreaming about the BIG BAG OF TOOLS and
    picturing what we would do with all of them if we won. We got plenty of great
    reviews from Dan & Eric and a lot of laughs & we could always comment too.

  6. Congrats to the winner, hopefully I’ll have better luck next year. Keep it up guys, lets hope for an even better toolbag next year.


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