TEKTON Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet (14967)


With all the buzz about the new Pittsburgh Pro ratchets, we overlooked a similar but unique release from TEKTON. Employing the same head design and ratcheting mechanism, TEKTON’s Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet is what was called a Spark Plug Ratchet back in the day.

Tekton SP Rat - Diagram

Designed to provide increased function in an engine compartment, around framework, etc., the bent handle ratchet helps circumnavigate any number of obstacles that might stand between you and a fastener. It employs an 11″, 25 degree offset handle, in conjunction with 180 degree flex head, to provide clearance where standard ratchets can’t. The head isn’t a locking head, but it isn’t free swinging either. It uses a ball and dentent system to secure the head in one of 7 positions and does a good job of holding the head in place.

Tekton SPR 2                           Tekton SP Rat - Flex head

The ratcheting mechanism itself is is the tried & true, 72 tooth, dual pawl mechanism, commonly found in most of the higher quality Taiwan sourced ratchets on the market today. It’s smooth, has very little back drag, and I have personally tested the design in excess of 150 ft,/lbs. The offset handle doesn’t exactly make it an ideal choice for high torque applications, and if you can bust 150+ ft./lbs. with a spark plug rat I commend you, but the mechanism is good for it.

Tekton SPR 3

If you work on cars or any type of equipment, the bent handle ratchet is handy to have in your box. It isn’t something you’re likely going to use on every job, but it’ll save you a lot of aggravation when you do need it. While it may be genetically related to the HF Pro rats, you can’t get this ratchet at Harbor Freight. Available only in 3/8″ drive, it’s backed by TEKTON’s lifetime warranty and outstanding customer support. There aren’t any issues or dislikes with the ratchet, but we would like to see a comfort grip option.

You can pick it up on Amazon for $22.34, or you can check it, or the rest of the TEKTON line out at Tektontools.com.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned to TIA for more from TEKTON.





  1. I just got one of these at sears but in craftsman version made in Japan came in very hand when changing my spark plugs in my truck I got it on sale for like $18.99 I think. I really meet to look into Tekton for more tools

  2. they are a scam they sell bad tools that break and wont replace. they want you to spend the value of the tool mailing it in. stick with craftsman


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