Surecan Gas Can

Surecan Gas Can

I have to say that in America we do a pretty good job of moving forward and not backwards.  However in recent years and in the gas can industry, sadly we have moved backwards.  Remember the days of just picking up a gas can and being able to pour gas into your lawn equipment?  The cans were simple and easy to use.  Well all of a sudden we brought a bunch of idiots who didn’t know gas was explosive and lawyers into the mix and guess what, we took a step backwards and everyone had to suffer, even a manufacturer who created a bunch of jobs.  We can no longer just pour gas. Manufacturers are required to implement all these safety features into their can.  Guess what we ended up getting?  A pain in the A** gas can where you’re breaking your back, spilling gas all over the place and teaching your young one’s new swear words.  Well I am hear to tell you that things have changed and we have moved forward again in the gas can industry with the Surecan Gas Can.

We first saw this company at STAFDA and right away it caught our attention because here is a company who saw a huge problem and created an awesome gas can.  Not only did they create a safe gas can, but they created a functional gas can.  So what’s so special about this can?  A lot.

Picking up the can you will notice it doesn’t seem like a cheap gas can.  The plastic feels much thicker and tougher, tough enough to take heavy abuse.  You will also notice a nozzle on the side of the can instead of the normal top of the can.  This is just something that makes sense and why didn’t all gas cans have this?  So here is how it works.  You can pick up the gas can using the large handle.  Instead of bending over to pour the gas, you can use the flexible nozzle, aim it into the gas opening of what you are filling up and just press the open lever located at the top of the can.  So instead of being at an awkward position filling up tanks, you can just stand over in an up right position and fill up your gas taking a lot of stress off your back.  You may notice that on the top front of the can there is a cap that screws on and off.  This is where you can fill up the can when it runs empty.  So this means that when you use this can, you should never get gas on your hands or feet. Most gas cans use the same opening to fill and expel gas.  I like how this can has a separate place to fill and a separate place to release gas from, truly unique. Besides being a functional gas can, I love the fact that it’s built in America.  If you’re tired of the same old junky gas can, try the Surecan, it really does work.

I know I seem like a sales guy with this article, but we didn’t get paid by Surecan.  While they did provide the cans for us to try, we sought them out since we were tired of the same junk gas cans on the market.  We saw this and just had to try it.  As a note, they offer 3 separate gas cans.  They have a 5 gallon and a 2.2 gallon gas can.  They also offer a 5 gallon yellow Diesel can.


  1. #TIA You can tell when someone is passionate about something when then go on and on about it. That write up was no exception. Great job Eric. I totally agree with you. Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. going try the 2.2 surecan..have a no spill with push nozel at top…think at bottom
    would be better .oh dan going need some heet in your

  3. I think this will solve a lot of problems for me. I am always using toys or tools that need a full gas tank, and I hate when I pour it out and it slashes up and gets every where. This will keep the gas it the gas tanks.


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