SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater in garage

One fun aspect of working in a trade is all the different jobsites you get to work at – except when a jobsite is freezing! Unfortunately, many jobsites can be cold due to things like exposed and open walls, no running heat, and cold weather. This is when you need a good Jobsite Heater. SunFire, a Wisconsin-based, USA producer of industrial radiant heaters and accessories, released the SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater. A few claims from SunFire are that this heater is odorless, windless, low noise, can heat up to 2,800 sq. ft., and is the most heavy-duty radiant heater in the world.

We will be taking a deeper look into these claims and more. Alright, let’s jump in.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Features

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater in garage

This SunFire SF120 runs off of diesel or kerosene, and requires a 120V power source.  It’s also compatible with a 120V-800W Pure Sine Power Inverter or generator. All of this together allows the SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater to produce up to 120,000 BTUs and heat up to 2,800 sq. ft.

This is a fairly large heater, measuring 28.5 in. W x 32 in. L x 33.75 in. H. This size accommodates the 14.2-gallon fuel tank that allows the heater to run for 16 (diesel/No. 2 fuel) to 18 (kerosene) hours. However, the heater is small enough to easily fit inside a door frame.

With of SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater

In addition to its size, this heater is pretty heavy. It weighs about 120 lbs. when empty and around 220 lbs. when the fuel tank is full. Thankfully, SunFire included three design features that make this heater fairly easy to move around.

  1. Two rubber, flat-free wheels allow users to lift the heater up at an angle and easily wheel it around. It’s also very stable when the legs are down.
  2. Comfort-grip tube frame and handle provide an easy, comfortable place to grab and pull the heater. The handle also folds down when not in use to keep the heater as compact as possible.
  3. Multi-lift bracket on top allows you to move the heater with a crane hook, sling, or forklift.

These three design features do a great job of relieving the load when moving the heater.

We also want to add that the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater is made out of heavy-duty steel throughout. It’s designed to be durable and built to last. Each heater is also individually tested before packaging.

On top of the fuel tank, you will find the fuel filter and fuel gauge.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater fuel filter and fuel guage

I know what you’re wondering. How’s the heat? In addition to the power, the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater provides breezeless infrared heat. This is due to infrared heating, which disperses the heat more evenly than a forced-air heater. I like this because…

  1. You don’t get blasted with heat whenever you step in front of it.
  2. Heat is more evenly distributed in your workspace.
  3. Dust is not being blown around by the heater.

Other great aspects of infrared heating is that it is odorless, quiet, and there’s no carbon monoxide production. So, not only does this add to a better work environment, it creates a safer one as well.

The controls are located behind the infrared heating element. The controls are straightforward and simple to operate. This is also where the Rapid Access Easy Maintenance Hatch is located. Essentially, this is the panel covering the controls. It’s very easy to remove for maintenance and repairs.

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater control panel and rapid access maintenance hatch

The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater can be connected to a mechanical or battery-powered thermostat. This allows you to have temperature-controlled heat in any workspace vs continuous heat. Bonus: this conserves fuel and allows your heater to run longer.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Value

The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater is available at The Home Depot and Amazon for $2,395.00. Both retailers offer free shipping. These heaters do cost significantly more than other diesel/kerosene heaters available. However, none of these competing models offer breeze-free, radiant heat, or the zero carbon monoxide emissions.

We did compare this SunFire model to other large radiant heaters on Amazon. Most of those were cheaper, but lacked power, and also did not have the same zero carbon monoxide emissions.

SunFire does offer 0% financing available for 12-24 month financing plans from participating SunFire Dealers.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Wrap-Up

As we mentioned, the SF120 costs more, but that’s because it offers more. This radiant heater provides great heat, but it’s also quiet, windless, and produces zero carbon monoxide emissions. It was also designed with maneuverability and durability in mind.

Ultimately, SunFire thought about how they could improve the jobsite, and they succeeded. They made it more enjoyable, productive, and safer.

Obviously, this heater was not made for your typical home use. It’s still a great option for anyone with a serious workshop, but this is great for use at commercial and industrial construction jobsites.

More About Radiant Portable Diesel Heaters

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