Stout STX-250 X-Band Saw


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We just got our hands on Stout Tool Band Contractor Kit , and it was a lot of fun to use. We will go through specifics on the tool and then let you watch the video review for yourself to see how it works.

According to Stout, this is the world’s only one-handed cordless band saw. It is very compact and lightweight, which really cuts back on muscle fatigue. Because of its ease of use, the user should definitely be able to finish projects much faster, safer, and easier than when using a lot of competitive products. You will see from our video that this baby is just loaded with power, very impressive for a cordless model! I mean this thing cut through whatever we put close to it! Because this thing is so compact and light, you take it to the work instead of having to bring the work to it, even when using the cutting station included in the kit. Also, for all the power it generates, it’s not very noisy at all, another nice feature if you work late at night and don’t want to make your neighbors mad!

More neat features include  two 18V Nicad batteries with an one hour charger. A high impact resistant body. Quick change blade release. A heavy duty protective molded case. A very ergonomic no-slip grip. A super cobalt bi-metal blade. 21,000 rpm motor, sealed bearings and steel planetary gear reduction. The battery is definitely easy slide. A few other neat features worth mentioning are: a convenient top mounted safety switch, a weight of only 9 lbs., cutting capacity of 2 1/2″ and measurements of 15″ L x 9-5/16″ W. Truly a portable band saw.

When we tested the saw, the first thing we noticed was how light it was, and how easy it was to change the blade, if needed. Then we just went at it and cut through all different sorts of material. Copper, plastic, wood, black pipe, chains, boy it just handled them all with no problem. Eric said he didn’t have to apply any pressure whatsoever when cutting through all these different materials!

stout-band-saw-standing stout-band-saw-standing-1 stout-band-base

Now we also checked out the Stout Tool Cutting Station that came with the saw. The saw pops right on the station , no problem. The first feature Eric liked when he used the station was the big stable base it had. It did not move around when using the band saw to cut. It should be noted that for those of you that just want perfect stability when making a station cut, there are pre-cut holes on each corner of the station that you can use to bolt it down if you want! We thought the on/off switch that came with the station was a smart feature! So when we used the tabletop station, the band saw worked like a charm once again. The blades that come with the saw hold up well after lots of cutting! This package also comes with a very durable carrying case,extra blades, two 18V nicad batteries, a one hour charger and the cutting station!

All in all, this is a great way to make a band saw portable so you can go to your work. We really like the design and thought that went into this tool! Good job Stout!

stout-battery stout-contractor-bag stout-tool-bag


  1. Thanks for the info. I have the Dewalt saw and it takes two hands. Not that it matters to me, I love the Dewalt. But for the price this doesn’t look to bad. There are some days where I would rather use the lighter saw for various projects. Never heard of Stout, but looks like it might do the trick for what i need.

  2. The band saw is something I completely forgot about as a new tool user. I was only using a circular saw, which is not as light or portable as this Stout product you are showing here. Looks like a neat tool that seems affordable!

    • As far as I know it is just NiCad. Not sure on their plans to move over or even if it is worth it. We used the battery for a long time and made a lot of cuts. I am not sure if Eric recharged the battery before the videos, I don’t think he did. They brought it over to my shop, both batteries were fully charged. I am not sure how many cuts we made, but we cut through a of metal chains, pipe and wood. Teh battery was still running strong.

  3. From what I understand, DeWalt is working on buying stout. They will be revamping the batteries, but keep the same design as what Stout is using now. The company I work for has been using these saws for the last 2-3 years, and all the guys love them. Battery life is hit and miss. If you have an older battery with tons of cuts on it, you are looking at less cuts per charge.

  4. Stout bandsaw is the best ergonomically designed one on the market in my opinion. I have three of them. Nothing but problems with the crappy batteries.
    Just bought a few recently and they are already dead. Sent a message to Stout but no response.

    • I am not sure if they are even around anymore. I had a couple people ask about them and said they never get an email back. We tried our contact, but no luck either.

  5. This bandsaw is an electricians dream for installing conduit on jobs. Carry it around or up in the lift with you just like your hand tools to get the job done fast. The batteries could secure better on the unit. I bought one for my son too!

  6. Very nice, straightforward product. I question why you would knowingly exclude the many owners of benchtop machines that have smaller vertical capacity. It would appear that you’re measuring the tension in the blade against a known quantity of force (in the spring that is part of your tensioning tool) scaled by the (known) mechanical advantage of the lever built into it. Is that not scalable in some manner? I would think that it is. (I’m disappointed, because I have one of those smaller band saws, and because of the limitation your wonderful product is useless to me.)


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