StoneBreaker Work Gloves


Finding a glove that fits great is pretty hard to do.  Now image putting yourself in my shoes and trying to tell you about gloves, not an easy thing to do at all.  However I am still going to try.

Stone Breaker is a glove I have never heard of or had any experience with.  In fact, I didn’t hear about them until they reached out to us.  Well I know how hard it is to find a good glove for a decent price.  After checking them out and seeing their prices, we thought we would give it a shot.  I have to say these are great gloves.  I love how they fit and love how each glove is designed for a specific use.  Take the lawn gloves.  There is extra padding in just the right places where you would be holding a rake or pulling weeds.  This gives more protection and doesn’t mess with the dexterity of the glove.  Now I will point out one thing. You have to make sure you get your gloves fitted using their hand chart.  Regopit tried on a pair and they didn’t fit him right, so they were not comfortable.  Since I had the gloves fit to my hands, I thought they were comfortable.  Overall if you are looking for some great gloves and don’t want to pay out the nose, take a look at the Stone Breakers.



  1. Hey, guys–I hadn’t heard of StoneBreaker gloves before either. I think work gloves are hard to fit, especially if you’re between sizes as I am. In latex gloves, I need a Medium, whereas in leather types I use a small, because they stretch with use. The definition of “small” and “medium” differs between manufacturers (and from pair-to-pair), so I need to test-fit each pair I buy. They stretch slightly, too, so you have to allow for that at time of purchase. I suppose slightly tight is better than slightly loose, as you maintain better control when they’re tight. Gloves typically fit me in the palm, but then the fingers are a little too long. I currently have a pair of Mechanix brand “Impact” gloves, which fit me better than anything else I’ve ever tried. I’ll have to consider StoneBreaker, though, next time.

    • The trick is to immediately get them wet and let them dry out then put them on. They’ll have shrunk but when you stretch them out they fit “like a glove” lol
      Try the ‘4x mechanix’ mechanix gloves. I love mine and have found nothing else like them.

  2. Great write up Eric! These gloves look pretty awesome I use mechanix gloves and go through them pretty quick I’m gonna have to check these out. T.I.A!!!

  3. These look nice. I funny about gloves. I need to try them on before I buy them, I’d i can’t I won’t buy. The good thing is I have a construction store by where I live & I get o try a lot of brands. I have to disagree with you guys on Mechanix gloves. They have some of the best fitting gloves around & you do get your monies worth (pricey yes). Try their tactical line for shooting. Sorry didn’t mean to sound like a sales person. I’m going to send stone breakers a note to see if they plan on selling these at big box store. Another surprise was DeWalts gloves, nice fitting, specially the leather ones. Wait, there is more Oakley & Blackhawk have nice work gloves. I’ll stop. You might have noticed I like gloves. Do more glove reviews. Laters TIA


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