Stiletto Hammer Review

Stiletto Hammer Review

While we rely on hand tools for our daily jobs, they don’t get the love that power tools receive.  They aren’t as sexy, fun or powerful. But there is something to be said for a good hand tool.  A hand tool that feels good, isn’t too heavy but heavy enough to feel like a quality tool means a lot.  For me, I am into certain hand tools, like a hammer.  Maybe it the fun of the power of hitting a nail or maybe it’s the fact I am using the same tool cavemen used back in the day, but with a big update.  Today we are looking at one of those primitive tools, so let’s take a look at the Stiletto Hammer Review.

Stiletto Hammer Review Overview

Stiletto dates back to 1901 and even has traces that date back to the California Gold Rush which means they have the history, the knowledge, and the expertise when producing striking tools.  They started in 1901 and there claim to fame is their lightweight Titanium hammers.

Titanium is lighter than steel. You may be asking if it’s lighter, how can it drive nails the same or better than a heavier steel hammer. The reason it can drive nailers the same or better than steel hammers has to do with the recoil.  With a steel hammer, a user gets more recoil and less energy is transferred to the driving of the nail. The lighter weight Titanium has less recoil and transfers more energy to driving the nail.

If you have never swung a Stiletto hammer, you will be in for a real treat when you finally swing one, especially if you swing it all day long.

Stiletto Hammer Review Features

Stiletto Hammer Review

The Stiletto hammer is the most recent addition to their line up.  The TiBone (TB3SC) is built with a Titanium construction which as we discussed above has numerous advantages. The hammer weighs 45% less than steel hammers and has 10X better vibration damping.

The hammer is a 15 oz hammer with an 18″ curved handle. Even though its a 15 oz hammer, it has a comparable force of a 28 oz steel hammer.

Stiletto Hammer Review

The TiBone TB3SC is a smooth face hammer.  They also offer a milled or waffle face hammer. The hammer is designed with an anti-rotational face so no more worrying about the face shifting or coming loose. The hammer also features a magnetic nail set.

Stiletto Hammer Review

The handle has a nice curve for added comfort.  The back of the handle has a rubber handle with an area for your thumb to rest when swinging the hammer.

Stiletto Hammer Review

The center frame is thin and will not get in the way when setting nails in harder to reach areas.

Stiletto Hammer Review

There is a nail puller on the side for the hard to reach areas where the claws will not reach.

Stiletto Hammer Review

The claws are long and straight for more prying power.

Stiletto Hammer Review Performance

Stiletto Hammer Review

I have the 14 oz Stiletto hammer that I have had for a long time and absolutely love the hammer.  I am a fan of wood handles.  However, this Titanium handle hammer might have changed my mind.  The good news is the 14 oz is a waffle head and this is smooth so I can use both and don’t have to get rid of one.

I have been using this on the addition job to set anils, remove nails, hit wood to move it and all the other applications you use for your hammer.  I wish i could sit here and explain why I love this hammer but once you swing a Stiletto, you will understand.

When it comes to performance, I haven’t seen another hammer in its class.

Stiletto Hammer Review Value

The Stiletto hammer retails for $234 at The Home Depot.  I know some will grind their teeth at this price.  If you have owned a Stiletto hammer, you know it’s worth the price.  They are easier on your hands, you arms and your tool belt, plus they last a long time.

If you are a homeowner, sure I would save your money.  However, if you are using a hammer every day to frame, install sheathing, wrap or the other jobs that require you to use a hammer all day, you will understand that a great quality hammer is worth the money.

Stiletto Hammer Review Final Thoughts

While I am still a fan of the Hickory handle Stiletto hammers, this hammer is awesome.  I love the feel of the grip, something I don’t get with the wood handles.  I love the weight and just the hammer’s feedback when striking a nail or another object.  While Stiletto hammers are pricey, just ask anyone who owns one and they will tell you they are worth every penny.  Better striking, better feel and less pain at the end of the day.


  1. Just Do Not buy the wooden handle stiletto hammer the handles Will not hold up to framing work I went thur 3 in bout 6 weeks. Because we are good customers of our lumber store they gave me one replacement. I sent these hammers back to stiletto and didn’t even hear a thing back . Least I feel they should have sent them back with new replacement handles .Wooden handle ones are cheap junk.

  2. Not pleased with this hammer and the customer service. Just sent a titanium one in that is only three weeks old. The lower part of the handle wiggles like some thing inside is broke. At this point I’m not sure I would recommend any of their hammers to anyone. Especially with the price tag on them. We will see if they stand behind their product.


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