Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

When most people think of ceiling fans, the first image that will jump into their heads is some fan blades mounted on a motor, and they would be right. This leaves the rotating fan blades exposed. The Stile Andersen ceiling fan is set up a little differently. The fan blades are enclosed by a 360 degree LED light setup. It’s a nice way to hide the fan blades without taking away that functionality and give you a clean and stylish light fixture only look. So how does this unique ceiling fan perform? Let’s take a closer look in the Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review Overview

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

Ceiling fans have been around for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the very first ceiling fans date back to 500 BC and were found in India. Jump ahead to the 1860s and 1870s to find the first rotating ceiling fans in the USA. These were not powered by electricity though. They were powered by a stream of water that moved a turbine connected to a series of belts. The version of ceiling fan powered by electricity that we are most familiar with was invented in 1882.

The Stile Andersen LED Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fan is an exclusive item found at The Home Depot. Stile is a newer brand with the Andersen ceiling fan as their only option to date. That might not sound very promising, but just know that this brand is owned by Techtronic Industries (TTI). TTI owns many other well-known and respected companies such as Hoover, Homelite, AEG, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Stiletto, Hart, Oreck, and Dirt Devil to name a few.

The Feature that attracted me to this LED lighted ceiling fan is where the fan blades are. With a much smaller footprint and elegant design, the Stile Andersen ceiling fan was an intriguing option for our bedrooms. As a homeowner finding what works for each space is important, both looks and function come into play. After 6 months of use, I have a great feel for where this ceiling fan excels, falls short and who might this appeal to.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review Features

Dimmable long-lasting LED lights rated for 50,000 hours of use. The LED lights give you 360 degree of light with a diameter of 22 inches. The LED light output is 500 lumens with a temperature rating of 2700K (warm white light).

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

The Remote Control has 3 fan speed settings and on/off for the light. At the lowest setting, the fan moves 445 CFM of air. At the middle setting, it moves 584 CFM and on the high setting, it will move 1437 CFM.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

The fan is reversible by a flip of the switch located on the unit. This allows you to blow the air up to the ceiling in the winter and then down in the summer.

A decorative metal grate covering the blades is removable for easy cleaning of the blades.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review Performance

The performance of the Stile Andersen LED Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fan depends on what you are looking for in a fan. A better way of answering this question is to explain how this fan works and how it differs from traditional fans that have the exposed blades.

Traditional fans that have exposed blades tend to move a lot of air evenly in a room. The Stile Andersen fans have much smaller fan blades that act more like a box fan than a ceiling fan. What I mean by this is the airflow is directed in a more focused column of space. So, if you are standing off to the side of the fan, you might not feel a lot of air movement, but directly under the fan, you will feel a much stronger breeze than traditional fans. Now, this is most apparent when the fan is blowing down. When it is reversed to send the airflow to the ceiling, there is no perceptible difference. The fan can still move a lot of air, it just depends if you like a more focused column or you want the air to be spread out.

Traditional fans are extremely quiet. Because the Stile Andersen fan has much smaller blades, it has to rotate faster to move the air, thus causing it to be louder. The sound produced is very much the same as a box fan. This can be a bad thing or a very good thing depending on how you sleep. A lot of people need to have a box fan or white noise making machine to sleep. On the low or middle setting, this fan creates a nice level of white noise for people who need that. On the highest setting, the fan can be quite loud.

As I mentioned above, the blades on this fan are smaller and fit within the 22-inch span of the unit. Traditional fans have a large range of fan blade diameters depending on what size room you want to install them in. Therefore, the Stile Andersen fan is really best suited for small rooms. I wouldn’t recommend this fan for a large family room.

The Stile Andersen fan come completely assembled and installation is extremely simple. Unlike traditional fans, there is no need to balance the blades after installation. The unit is wobble-free and I can confirm this with all three of the units that I have installed.

Because the fan blades are inside the light unit, there is no strobe light effect when the fan is on.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review

The LED light on this ceiling is extremely nice in my opinion. It spreads the light out evenly in a room and is much brighter than any other fan I have used. It’s not overpowering, but bright. It is a much-needed lighting upgrade to our bedroom.

The Andersen Stile light is rated for covered outdoor use, so this makes a nice option for any covered deck or patio. In the hot summers, I think the focused air movement from this fan would provide a better relief from the heat.

The Remote on this unit works very well and as expected.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review Value

On The Home Depot’s website, the Stile Andersen LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan lists at $199.00.This price is not the lowest or highest of the other fans. It sits somewhere in the mid-cost range.

The Stile Andersen fan is built very well with a lifetime motor warranty. If it is a style that appeals to you then I believe it is a good value.

Stile Andersen Ceiling Fan Review Final Thoughts

The Stile Andersen LED Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is not the norm when it comes to ceiling fans and I think that is a big reason why it appeals to me. I love the 360 degrees light that it gives off. The white noise it produces and the small footprint works well in small rooms.

It would be great if these units were available in more sizes and if they didn’t focus the majority of the downdraft in such a tight column. Overall, I like this fan for our bedrooms and the kids agree as well.

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stile-andersen-ceiling-fan-reviewCeiling fans have basically stayed the same forever. Every once in a while, a company will put a new twist on the fan blade design to make them look different, but essentially, it's the same. A new company called Stile has released a truly different looking ceiling fan light combo that can be used in small rooms and outdoor patios. They are calling this ceiling fan and light the Andersen.


  1. Rattling Solution. The fan I received kept making an intermittent rattling noise on low and med downdraft settings, even after the 24 hour ‘break-in’ period. Turns out that one of the blades was a little loose at the rivets – I could create the same noise by tapping the top of it. I was able to bend the blade slightly upward, and it stopped the noise. (After removing the two screens – one screw refused to budge, but I was able to swing that outer screen out of the way to remove the inner screen, releasing both.)

    Installation: also, the installation step of wiring the receiver and installing it in the mounting bracket is NOT easy – it’s a tight fit. Be ready to be patient. Consider ahead of time what side of the room you want the up/down draft switch to be before you install the mounting bracket – I can switch mine easily from the bed, but it would be a pain if it was on the other side.

    I went through all this because I do love this fan, especially the ability to remotely control the light dimmer and the fan speed.

  2. I wish our bulbs were “warm white \ 2700.” We just got one and they are Bright White \ 3100. It feels too harsh. I’m hoping I don’t have to remove all of those screws on the top.

  3. It keeps the lights coming up about 11pm and sometimes in the early morning…I keep reading the manual to see if it has a timer..or dawn to dusk setting…does anybody knows whats happening?

  4. The lights on our fan have started coming on at different intervals during the night. Has anyone else experienced this annoying problem? How did you remedy it?

  5. Why are no mfg. responses to these issues. We have one with the same problems, lights coming on in the
    middle of the night, changing speeds.
    Does not look good for the mfg.

  6. I hate this fixture. The lights flicker. To not be able to replace bulbs is a huge design flaw and a stupid mistake on my part in buying this piece of garbage.


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