Stanley P2G7S Power To Go Battery Booster


Stanley recently announced a new charger to their line up of battery chargers.  This is the Stanley Simple Start model P2G7S.   This is a nice small charger for your car that will work with 4, 6 and even 8 cylinder engines.  The great thing about this charger is that it’s easy to use.

Say you have a dead battery on your vehicle.  In the past you always had to find someone to jump your car.  You had to open the hood and be comfortable attaching the jumper cables to both batteries  This charge is a little different.  You can now jump start your car from this battery and can do it one of two ways.  You can either attach this unit using the provided two cables or you can just plug it into your 12V DC car outlet, pretty cool.  Now this isn’t a new concept, but it does have some cool features to this unit.  On the front of the unit there are different colors and once the light turns to green, you know you can turn your car over and try and start it instead of trying to guess.  The battery charger uses a Lithium rechargeable battery that helps maintain a longer shelf life.

On the side of the unit there is a 2 Amp USB charging port, so you can even have power for your cell phone or tablets.  Next to the port is a USB/LED light power button. Next to that button is an LED light.

Again, this isn’t a new concept, but just a product we wanted to introduce you to.  We like that it is compact and offers the option of starting the car from your 12V DC power supply.  The front layout is nice with a huge plus of easily seeing when you can try and start your vehicle.

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  1. Guys these actually do work. I don’t have this Stanley version, but another brand & I can say that they work as advertised. I had an old 1999 Explorer & I used booster a few times. I thought it was a gimmick, but to my surprise it worked. Laters TIA


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