Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review

Southwire Tools is a well-loved manufacturer in the electrician realm. Best known for their hand tools and innovative fish tape, Southwire continues to keep improving their tools and technology. We have taken a look at several other tools from Southwire over the last year, and today we check out their newest Pliers and Wire Strippers. Let’s see how Southwire has made these classic tools even better in the Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review.

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review Overview

Tools for electricians are vast. When you think of the advancements in technology in the field, you likely consider the massive improvements in multimeters and testing equipment. Wire and cables have improved significantly too, allowing more connectivity than ever before. With Southwire as one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing these types of products, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their lineup. Their hand tools are no exception.

Pliers and Wire Strippers are tools virtually everyone has used at some point. While it may be hard to imagine that you could improve tools that have been around for so long, Southwire continues to make small changes tradesmen love. Without a doubt, Southwire is a name electricians trust to bring them some of the best tools available.

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review Features

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review

There are four new models in the Southwire Pliers and Strippers Range. All pliers feature classic Southwire construction like drop forged steel and have incredible grips that are both comfortable and non-slip.

The 9-inch Hi-Leverage Side Cutting Pliers have several unique features that serve multiple purposes.

The high leverage pliers can cut through a variety of materials, screws, nails and most wires.

The fish tape pulling channel allows these pliers to pull both 1/8 inch and ¼ inch fish tape without damage.

The crimping die allows extra functionality when using non-insulated connectors.

The file teeth on the jaws allow easy removal of burrs in conduit.

The Forged ROMEX Stripper, model SNM1214HD are designed for users using a lot of Romex. The Forged Wire Stripper, Item S816SOLHD are designed to handle the toughest wire stripping applications.

These ROMEX strippers are designed for use with both 12/2 and 14/2 Romex covering a wide range of applications.

The Forged Wire Strippers can strip 8-16 AWG SOL and 10-18 AWG STR with ease.

Both strippers have a traditional linemen style head with wide knurls on the jaw, that makes twisting multiple conductors at one time a simple task.

The Scalloped blades on both strippers provide easy and efficient cutting.

The strippers both feature bolt shearer’s for 6-32 and 8-32 bolts.

Tether ready handles give you options for storage.


The 7-in-1 Multi-Tool Pliers, model S7N1HD offer a variety of uses- stripping, shearing, gripping, crimping, reaming, spanning and shearing bolts.

Their stripping capabilities range from 10-14 AWG SOL and 12-16 STR.

Bolt shears can handle 6-32 and 8-32 bolts with ease.

Spring loaded handles with a lock also have tether ready handles.


Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review Performance

While I am not a full-time electrician, I often encounter the need to replace wiring, add in new outlets and the like. I have had several opportunities to use these pliers and strippers from Southwire and they performed exceptionally well. The blades were sharp and precise. Stripping wires were as easy as can be with the strippers. I often notice strippers can not only remove the coating on wires but also tend to damage the wire underneath. That was definitely not the case with these strippers. Their cuts were clean and precise.

I loved the lineman heads as well, providing incredible grip to twist wires with little difficulty. The ergonomics and comfort were impressive as well. I appreciated the handles having a comfort coating without being bulky and obtrusive. The markings are very clear on these tools as well, something I often feel lacks on tools like this. They are easy to use, comfortable, and perform their purposes flawlessly.

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review Value

9-inch Hi-Leverage Side Cutting Pliers Model#-SCP9TPC $39.05 on Amazon

The Forged ROMEX Stripper- Model#-SNM1214HD $33.98 on Amazon

The Forged Wire Stripper- Model#-S816SOLHD $29.98 on Amazon

The 7-in-1 Multi-Tool Pliers- Model#-S7N1HD $32.98 on Amazon 

Southwire is always priced in a fairly reasonable range. You’ll find their price points are very competitive and overall Southwire offers exceptional quality. Whether you are a full-time electrician or an occasional user, Southwire has options for everyone that will suit your needs and budget.

Southwire Pliers and Strippers Review Final Thoughts

Southwire makes excellent tools for Electricians. Their quality, features, and value always stand out as consistent within the brand. While pliers and strippers come in all forms, you would be hard-pressed to criticize these new additions from Southwire. They perform well, are comfortable to use, and have small extra features that make a big difference to the user.


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