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Southwire Electrician Kit Review

Southwire Electrician Kit Review

Southwire might not be a name your familiar with, well unless you’re an electrician. If you’re not familiar with Southwire, take a look at them and you will be surprised how big they are. In fact, the wires that are in your walls are probably made by Southwire. While they have a long history, they have recently entered the hand tool market, which brings us here today, the Southwire Electrician Kit Review.

The marketplace is filled with a ton of different hand tools from a ton of different companies. We only recently heard of Southwire, but over the past couple of years they have really stood out. If you are looking for a reputable company who does a lot for their community and makes quality hand tools, it is a company you should look into.

Southwire Electrician Kit Review Overview

Whether you are a new electrician, an electrician looking to replace a couple of their most used tools or a homeowner looking to get a basic kit, the Southwire electrician’s kit is something you should look at.

The kit offers three popular tools. You get a wire stripper (S1018STR, 9 in 1 Multi-bit screwdriver (SD9N1) and an AC voltage detector (40116N).

A pretty good selection to either get you started or get you back on track.

Southwire Electrician Kit Review Features

The wire stripper (S1018STR) strips and cuts 10-18 AWG solid and 12-20 AWG stranded wire. The strippers are made from a stainless steel construction which means not only are they durable but they won’t rust.

On the nose piece, it’s easy to read which position to use for which wire.

The strippers feature a locking mechanism to keep them closed when not in use.

The handles are double dipped which makes them a little thicker and more comfortable.

The AC voltage detector (40116N) detects voltage from 100 to 600V. These also feature a CAT IV safety rating. When turned on, the nose piece will stay green. Once the voltage is detected, the nose piece will turn red along with an audible alert.

To turn on the detector, just press down on the power button. The unit can be turned off manually or it will turn off automatically after a period of no use.

The back of the detector features a built-in light which can be turned on or off.

The light is an LED light so no worries about it burning out or having to replace it.

The multi-bit screwdriver (SD9N1) is a 9 in 1 screwdriver.

The handle has a nice rubber grip that is comfortable.

The screwdriver includes the following

Southwire Electrician Kit Review Performance

This is one of my favorite AC volt detectors because it has been the most reliable we have tested over the years. The visual and audible tones make it easy to identify if you have current running through a line.

The strippers are not only comfortable but they are sharp and also do a great job at stripping wire. If you have been following us, you know Jerred, the apprentice electrician loves these strippers and uses them all the time. So for me, that says a lot about the quality of these strippers.

I am usually not a huge fan of multi-bit screwdrivers since they are usually bigger and have an uncomfortable grip. However, I do like this screwdriver. I am sure Southwire doesn’t want to hear this, but it reminds me of a Klein handle where it’s very comfortable. It’s a nice all around screwdriver for those every day needs.

Southwire Electrician Kit Review Value

The kit retails for about $30 at Lowes. I don’t think $30 for these tools is a bad deal is really a fair price. Considering the quality of these tools and how much you will be using them, it’s a good deal.

If you decide to buy them on their own, you will pay about $33 at Lowes. So buying the kit will save you about $3.

Southwire Electrician Kit Review Final Thoughts

The bottom line, I like these tools. They are quality hand tools. The strippers are very nice and comfortable. Most screwdrivers have a hard handle which can be uncomfortable after a while but I really love the feel of the screwdriver. The volt detector is one of the most reliable volt detectors we have used. So in the end, this is a great kit either for the homeowner or the electrician looking to get started or upgrade some of their older hand tools.

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