“Smart Select” Technology By Black & Decker



We were scanning the news world on power tools, (like we always do!!) and we happened to come across a great article by ” News Canada.” They recently wrote about the fact that using power tools can be more of an art than a science when tackling a new project.

Most of us never look at the settings of our drill or sander. Instead, we turn it on and just opt for the most power – assuming that will get the job done faster. But more power doesn’t always get the best results, and can cost you more time to fix the mistakes. We all know that a stripped screw or an over sanded project can leave us, quite literally, in the (saw) dust.

Size and speed do matter, as well as clutch and torque settings. The problem is that the standard numbered settings doesn’t explain how best to set the tool for specific projects. For example, when you want to drive a screw into 1/4″ plywood what gear should the drill be in and which torque level should you select? Or, if you would like to sand the dining room table for a fresh coat of stain, how can you set your sander to avoid deep scratches?

Black & Decker’s new generation of products with “Smart Select” technology might be the best solution for tools to use for the home handy person trying to get the specific job done right!

Most do-it-yourselves have to do a lot of guessing when it comes to setting a tool for optimal performance on jobs. The “Smart Select” series eliminates the guess work.  Each tool has simple icons to select the appropriate application. Just set the tool to the icon that matches your task and the tool automatically selects the right settings to get the job done right.

Drilling a 1/2″ hole into metal, or a 7/8″ hole into wood? Simply line up the icon and voila you are using the tool like the pros. Both experienced and beginners will appreciate taking the guesswork out of projects at any level.

If this sounds like something for you or possibly a gift for your better half, go to www.blackanddecker.com and do a search on their site for the new line of “Smart Select” tools.



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