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About the Smart Bit

We were at a small job site a while back and noticed this crew using a bit we had not seen before.  After watching them for a couple of minutes and watching the progress they were making, we decided to see what they were using.  They were using a Smart Bit.

The Review

There are a lot of different products out there to help gauge the depth of a drill hole.  Some of them are very good, while others we have tried are more or less a gimmick.  The Smart Bit is one of those good drilling and counter sinking accessories.  In most of the Smart Bit kits you buy, it comes with a Hex tool for bit changes and 2 extra drill bits.  You can buy extra drill bits or if you have the Drill Doctor, you can just sharpen the bits.  This system is designed for #8 head deck screws.

As you can see from the video, we just showed the bit in action with a piece of plywood and a 2×4.  The drill bit goes through the wood very easy and the collar works great.  The collar works as advertised and provides two functions.  First, the collar is wide enough to let the wood shavings come up to the top and doesn’t get clogged in the collar.  Second, the collar is made of plastic, so it doesn’t leave a mark on the wood or material you are drilling through.  Some of the other counter sink bits we have tested are made with a metal collar and leave a marking, this Smart bit didn’t.  The collar is free spinning, so if too much pressure is placed on the drill, the collar stops and will not spin, which also helps from leaving marks on the material.

On the side of the collar is where you can change the bit using the hex tool.  Changing the bit is a snap and very easy to perform.  For each hole we drilled, we could sink a screw and it lines up perfectly, each and every time.

As you know, you can still countersink a hole without one of these gadgets.  All you need is a little tape and some patience.  The great idea behind the Smart Bit is it takes away all the tough process and you can speed your way through more holes with greater accuracy.

Final Thought

Now if you are doing decking every day, a Screw Gun is the way to go.  But if you have a job where you would occasionally need a screw gun, why spend the money.  That’s what we like about the Smart Bit, it is an alternative.  If you are doing decking or another job that requires a constant pilot hole, take a look at the Smart bit.  Very easy to work with and precise every time.


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